Waffles, fuel, & L-O-V-E

by Mariko Neveu

Mmmmm, waffles….funny how just the word waffles (or donuts) can turn almost anyone into Homer Simpson. Yet if you throw waffles at the end of a long run, suddenly you can claim to be exercise physiologist, “of course, I’m having waffles. Carb loading is very important to an endurance athlete.” So we here at Rogue Athletic Club (RAC) would like to offer the opportunity to be a Homer Simpson or an exercise physiologist…or both if you prefer.

We are going to be hosting Waffle Week once a month after Rogue DT Saturday long runs. Why? Well, partly because we love waffles, maybe a little bit because we love the chance to make a connection between Homer Simpson and exercise physiologists, but also because, just as endurance athletes needs carbohydrates to fuel their muscles further, we at RAC need your generosity to fuel our dreams.

Too cheesy?…maybe, but follow with me. Donations received for waffles help us travel to meets in California or Oregon or Kentucky or elsewhere in Texas, wherever the best competition may be. Competing among the best gives us a chance to show how we stack up…that we are part of the best. But even more than that, it makes us better. Because when you race in a large group of people who are just as strong and just as fast as you, you have to challenge your body and mind more than you can ever re-create in any practice. And whatever the outcome of the race, you come out sharper. The next race, you can react faster and know that you can push your body even further. The more opportunities we get to do this, the closer we get to that racing sweet spot, that point when you’ve got the strength, the speed, and the intuition to respond when everything breaks right and have the race that qualifies you for Nationals…or wins it.

Plus getting to do these events reminds us what a great community we are part of, to be Rogue, to gather for waffles, and to just enjoy being with so many people who get the joy of running…it makes recovery from a long run easier, getting up for an early workout not so creaky, and generally gives a big ole sense of feeling the L-O-V-E.

The first Waffle Week is happening on Saturday, November 3. A $10 donation gets you a plate full of fresh-made waffles, fruit, OJ, coffee and a warm fuzzy feeling. Details here!


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