Set a goal, then go.

As a part of our partnership with Lululemon, three athletes from their Domain location are joining us this season to train for the Austin Half Marathon. They have agreed to blog about their experiences and share their raw perspectives on what its like to set a goal and go after it. We start today with introductions. Thank you ladies for being willing to share your experiences!

Elaina Stover

About Me: I am an ex-runner. I have a collegiate background in Track & Field, but have long since traded in my spikes for a yoga mat. My current interest in the half-marathon is to learn more about running-specific injury rehabilitation and prevention and nutrition for athletes to inform my future practice in Acupuncture. In addition, I am approaching this running season with the spirit of meditation; asking myself whether running and meditation are even compatible.

My Goal: My running is inspired by nature, and my goal with the half marathon training group is to learn to train smart and build a base so that I can run mountain and scenic trails all over the U.S. with happy feet.

Joelle Chin

About Me: Running has always been my go to sport. I love the feeling of lacing up my shoes, walking out my front door and jogging through beautiful streets with trees. Running makes me feel free and sets my mind to ease for as long as I can go. This fall I will be testing myself and truly finding out if distance running is my cup of tea. Other than running I enjoy lots of yoga and hiking with my family.

My Goal: To become a steady paced runner and learn more about myself. Hoping to finish my first 10K and meet awesome people along the way.

Keri Bender

About Me: I took my first Rogue class in 2005 training for the Cap10k, and really jumped into training with Rogue in 2010.  What started as a new year’s resolution to focus more on my personal health became a passion for self-discovery and personal strength over the next three years.  Since jumping into training again with Rogue in 2010, I’ve run 4 half marathons and in November 2011, I ran my first full in San Francisco at the Nike Women’s Marathon.

As you can probably tell…I am a big fan of Rogue!  As someone who isn’t a “runner” and NEVER thought I could complete a full marathon, I’ve seen the success that comes with having inspiring and dedicated coaches, as well as hard work and personal determination.  Outside of running, I enjoy mountain biking, yoga, and stand up paddle boarding.

My Goal: This season, I’m training for the 2013 Austin Half Marathon and I have a personal goal of finishing in 1:59.  Last year I missed my goal time of 2:00 by just 1 minute, finishing in 2:01…so this year I’m aiming to finish in under 2:00!


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