Using acupuncture to heal from running overuse injury, by Elaina Stover (a Rogue/Lululemon contributor)

After a week of training with Rogue on the road (a surface I am not used to running on) I felt pain under my foot and on the inner heel. I took a week break from running
because the pain pattern seemed to resemble posterior tibialis tendonitis–
a pain in the inner heel and following down to the inner sole of the foot.  Although I had been injury-free as a competitive runner in high school and college, I
was now confronted with the disappointing reality of pain when I started training again this fall.

The Rogue coaches were really understanding and supportive of me taking a break from training; however, rest didn’t improve the situation and neither did rolling  a tennis ball on my arch– nor any of those home maintenance tricks.

This was my state when I decided to try acupuncture. After seeing James Phillips at
Turtle Dragon Acupuncture my pain resolved, and within 3 days I was happily running 4-5 miles 2x week. Phillips inserted minimal needles and applied very low frequency electrical stimulation to the local injury site. I highly recommend James Phillips as a practitioner to all runners with ongoing pain. The Turtle Dragon, on 38 ½ St, is full of Chinese art and Chinese herbs which give the waiting room a characteristic aroma. You really feel like you’re stepping into a different world.

After my acupuncture treatment, I felt like my usual self again, finding nature as a source of inspiration to run and reach new personal limits. After mapping a weekend
route on GPS, we found we had climbed as high as 31 stories on our run! We achieved that only through inspiration from the natural landscape and our training buddies.

I haven’t gone back to running roads, for now I am sticking to softer terrain on the many beautiful Travis County, Texas State Parks, and local Austin trails. I strongly encourage every runner to find a terrain that inspires you. One of the best things for my running has been finding a small group of inspired athletes who I run with on Saturday or Sunday mornings. We wake up while the stars and moon are still shining  and drive to one of our favorite Texas State Parks and run when the sun just begins to peek over the horizon. Bliss!

Here are some quick resources below to help you explore new running routes:


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