Do you Run for the Rovers?

by Marilyn Faulkner

There are many ways to support our local community through running, but have you ever Run for the Rovers?  If not, this weekend is a great chance to support an amazing local rescue organization Blue Dog Rescue at their annual Run for the Rovers 5K at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock.

Blue Dog Rescue reduces the number of homeless dogs euthanized in Central Texas through adoption, education, outreach and advocacy.  Founded in 2000, Blue Dog Rescue is a 501(c)3 organization that has saved the lives of approximately 1,900 dogs by first fostering then placing them in permanent, loving homes.  Blue Dog operates 100% on fundraising and NONE of their amazing foster families earn a dime for their work.  All are volunteers so every penny raised for this group goes directly to the dogs.

I happen to have two rescues that came from Blue Dog Rescue, Rosie and Keith.  These two blonde terriers are everything from wrestlemania champions, top-notch chewers, cuddlebugs, backyard assassins, to general fluff balls of fun.  Rosie and Keith wouldn’t have had a chance at life, however, had it not been for the angles at Blue Dog Rescue that saved them from certain death at the Bastrop shelter.

Rosie had puppies in the shelter.  After all had been adopted out, she was left in her cage alone to be euthanized, at the tender age of two.  Keith had been a country dog in and out of the shelter twice and had reached his bust-out limit.  He was on death row as well.  Enter Blue Dog to save them both, and the rest is happily ever after.  There are countless stories just like mine, many of which are stories that fellow Rogues have… just ask Kim Theel, Emily Phillips, Nedra Bray, and many others!

This weekend I hope you’ll go out for your Sunday recovery run for a great cause – to Run for the Rovers that can’t speak for themselves!

Running the Austin Half or Full?  Run on behalf of Blue Dog’s Rescue’s Blue Team or read about my personal experience on the Blue Team for last year’s Austin Marathon!


2 thoughts on “Do you Run for the Rovers?

  1. Love this race and the cause! Unfortunately it’s the same weekend as the San Antonio Half Marathon this year!! Next year, I demand a different weekend. : )

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