Learning to listen to your body

by Joelle Chin, a Rogue/Lululemon contributor

After my first few weeks training with Rogue, I have decided to sign up for my first 5K to take place in December. This is a race I know I can handle after contemplating my status as a runner.

The two mile time trial run was harder on me that I expected and I truly doubted myself as any form of runner. I’ve always enjoyed a mile or two run but knew I could push myself to go further, after a lot of thinking and a meaningful conversation with my amazing coach, I decided a 5K was where I wanted to set my first goal.

What I love about Rogue, the coaches and the group of individuals I get to train with is the pure energy among everyone. Being in a group setting has really pushed and encouraged me to run farther than I’ve ever run before. Even though most the group I run with is training for the Austin half marathon, everyone has a smile to share and encouraging words to give which makes each training session worth it. I feel uplifted when I leave the evening workouts, knowing I got an excellent workout and also just feeling more comfortable with myself in this group of awesome runners.

I’ve learned my balance in active life as far as getting runs in and also mixing up the cross training with sweaty yoga classes and cycle classes with David Garza. This balance has helped me learn about my body and what it needs to perform as well as enjoying the fun of an active lifestyle. I am happy to get my sweat on with anyone out there who’s never tried yoga or cycled, and would love to share the enthusiasm of awesome workouts together.


One thought on “Learning to listen to your body

  1. Great job, Joelle!! I’m proud of you for getting over that initial hump and persevering. I can’t wait to see how much fun you have at the Trail of Lights 5k!!

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