I Quit!

By: Coach Jimmie Vaughan

Ever find yourself saying this?  Recently I found myself saying this about running.  For those of you who know me, 2012 has been a terrible year due to self inflicted injuries.  For those who don’t, I have a disease.  I’m what you call a mileage junkie, or as put the other night I have “running OCD’.  I have such a bad case of it, I gave up an opportunity to go sub 3 in only my second marathon attempt.  Maybe my older body just can’t handle this disorder I am burdened with.  Maybe it’s time to wise up.


A little back story here, I was running so much (schedule would call for 40-45 miles a week, and I was going 80-90) I wasn’t stretching, rolling, working core, or cross training.  All necessary I’m finding to remain healthy during marathon training.  Sure I harp on my runners to make sure they follow the schedule and then sneak out for a binge run when no one is watching.  In my defense, I am only a three year old runner but there really should be no excuse, right? 


As I am currently working through Achilles tendonitis, it was suggested  I prescribe myself a little cross training in the form of Trail Riding. 


I’m starting to gain a new love, and have found I don’t feel beat down all the time.  Riding the trails is exciting, and every time I go out there are new trails to explore along the way.  Could this be how Lewis and Clark felt way back when?  With each attempt they got farther and farther, uncovering uncharted territories. Oops, got a little off course there.


Who would have thought taking a couple of days off from running and substituting biking could make me feel so much better?  Don’t get me wrong, every time I go for a bike ride I feel like I am cheating on my running.  That those are miles I do not get to record in my Run Log spreadsheet.  Yes, I’m THAT guy who keeps a daily/ weekly/ yearly record of all miles run and then makes graphs and charts to compare moments in time.  I just have to keep telling my running, “biking is only going to make this relationship stronger.  Don’t for a minute think I’ll ever stop loving you running!”  And, now I’m sounding a little awkward.


Okay, what’s the bottom line to all of this “nonsense” as Aussie Scott would say?  Whether you are a seasoned runner, new to running, or share in my affliction make sure you carve time to cross train.  I cannot believe its taken me this long to figure it out, and hopefully I’ll not fall off the wagon (or is it get on the wagon?) because being injured SUCKS!  If I can continue on this path of rehabilitation (literally and figuratively) I will no longer be the “Do as I say, and not as I Do” type of Coach.


Ultimately, maybe I’m like Coach Wrinkle’s Dallas Cowboys, and I’m not done just yet!



Coach Jimmie Vaughan trains with Team Rogue CP and Coaches High School athletes and INTRO to Rogue in Cedar Park. Come train with him! 



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