Make a Statement

By: Coach Jimmie Vaughan

In case you found yourself wondering, August 1st of 2010 – December 31, 2012, 5,145.46 miles logged.  I have however, not added a 2013 tab and plan to not keep track.  Cured?  … To be continued

As I meet more and more runners, one statement that seems to come out quite often is “I can’t pull that color off.”  ImageI’m not going to pretend to be a fashion expert, although that last batch of Sweaty Bands for Cedar Park Rogue, Ladies YOU are welcome.  One thing I’ve always thought is that to the outside world all runners are crazy.  We are a special breed as we wake up early, run in all sorts of weather, over all sorts of terrain and even in places we should not be running (I’m looking at you “Parmer” Brown!).


With that said, why not prove them right?  My fellow Cedar Parkians know that I’m the guy who sports two different color Kinvaras. Image Cedar Parkians!?!? Okay, now that is just getting ridiculous.  I used to tell people it was done to be obnoxious, but then I figured it was just making a statement.  I figured most non-running people who saw me running thought I was not “right”  so I’d help them feel better about passing judgment on a complete stranger.  Hang on, I’m doing the exact same thing by passing judgment on complete strangers for their opinions of runners.  Hmmm, might need to rethink this.  Nah.

Okay, back on task.

As much as I hoped it would catch on, I settled myself with the fact it was just going to be my thing.  Trendsetter?  Nope!  Will it ever catch on?  Jury is still out.

Personally, I enjoy all of the different color selections out there for runners.  Shoes are colorful across all brands, styles, and functionalities.  When the word “slime” is used as a color and offered on a shoe, things are not what they used to be.  I actually had a runner who fought me tooth and nail because she did not think she could “work” a color.  I prevailed, and then she came back telling me about all the compliments she received while running on the BCT.  Who would have thought that stepping out of her comfort zone would give her a little ego boost?  She actually could not wait to get back out there again to see how many more people would give her high fives, applaud her for her shoe selection, and utter phrases such as “asset to society!” (slight exaggeration for dramatic effect).

Where might I be going with all of this?  I don’t see the current direction in shoe color going away any time soon.  If anything, we may go further and further into the color arena.  Taupe, Mauve with a little Vegas Gold anyone?  Yeah, that’s just….NO!  Even I draw the line somewhere. But it has been rumored that James Guy has a pair of silver slippers:Image

 My suggestion is to embrace the trend, join the club, and know you can make a statement by pulling those colors off.  No matter your shape, size, gender, or favorite NFL team, know you can pull it off and get out there and run with it.




He’s Aussie Scott, he sports loud colors, and he approves this message.



Oh, and if the current Sweaty Bands selection is garbage, disregard my earlier comment and send all complaints c/o Warren “Parmer” Brown at Rogue Running Cedar Park.


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