Goal Setting

by Joelle Chin, a Lululemon contributor

Getting to this point in my life and career, I have found how important it is to set goals. Not just physical goals but mental goals as well. 2012 brought new adventures and experiences, I married the man of my dreams, started a new job, bought a house and we celebrated our first Christmas holiday in Austin… Magical year! With my new job came my attention to goal setting I had unknowingly been craving in my life. Anyone can sit down and write down what they want but when you speak about your goals, ambitions, dreams, putting it out into the universe; I feel they can be that much closer.

Joelle's Blog Photo 1Joelle's Blog Photo 2One of my goals for physical activity this past year was to run my first 5K. On December 15, I ran the Trail of Lights 5K with my husband and a couple friends. The lights were spectacular and the energy among families and runners alike was what made the holiday spirit present in that run. The 5K was a great experience for me and I was more than happy to share it with everyone else involved. We will see what 2013 holds for me as far as races go. I am still enjoying vinyasa flow yoga and hikes with my pup, recently we found a trailhead in our new neighborhood and I’m looking forward to see what that leads to as far as trail hikes and maybe even some exploratory jogs.

Lululemon offers events with goal setting guidance and for anyone who has not explored goal setting, it would be an awesome opportunity. Check out http://www.facebook.com/lululemonTheDomain for event posts!


One thought on “Goal Setting

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