Rogues run Austin: Race results!

555907_10151401183868666_253501190_nAnother Austin Marathon & Half Marathon is behind us, and what a day it was! The energy was electric, the weather was perfect and Rogues were well-trained, mentally prepared and READY. PRs abounded and smiles were everywhere, both on and off the course. Below are results and recaps from a number of our coaches – we will update this as coaches send in their reports, but feel free to add your own results in the comments!

Coach Peri Kowal, Austin Marathon group

North Rogues made a fine showing on Sunday, and also in multiple full and half marathons over the last few months!

In the Austin full, showing strong effort and almost beating a long ago PR, Moya Griffin. In the multiple-marathons-in-last-90-days category: Jeff Hufford, Carlos Sanchez,  Lou Clark, Keitha & Rasty Goodwin (also did Disney double),  & Lori Wilson. Making top 9 in their age group were Angie McDermott & Michelle Reed.

Fine efforts despite obstacles were Lucy Flores & Eva Montes. Pushing through the pain were John McCarty, Daniel Hernandez, Monika Sunholz, David Meyer (whose cute kids -and their signs – made Pam LeBlanc’s Fit City page), Anita Sandhu, and first time marathoner Kent Vickery!

And in the half, another strong showing by Willa Kempf (ran Houston full last month), Kimberly Mathieson & Farren Smith (also ran Disney full) and by two who have run multiple races in the last 2 months , Scott Webster & Juan Salazar.

Can’t forget Lauren Clark with a fine performance at Houston last month, and Nick Walker and Kate Noren who also ran the Disney double!

Another great fun year for the north Rogues! So honored to be their coach!


Coach Chris McClung, Austin Marathon group

Full Marathoners:

Sarah Benedict: 4:56

Rusty Cloyes: 4:58

Justin Craycraft: 3:25 (1st marathon)

Erin Finn: 4:36 (1st marathon)

Hayden Gilbert: 3:31 (PR)

Kailey Gursoy: 3:33 (1st marathon, BQ, and 1st in 0-19 age group)

Joe Jarosek: 3:46 (1st marathon)

Ben Kettle: 3:54 (PR)

Michelle Krejci: 4:11

Melissa Mixon: 4:15 (1st marathon)

Bekah Powell: 3:19 (PR and BQ)

Amanda Reichel: 4:42

Ann Riopel: 4:09 (PR)

Lindsey Ripley: 4:05 (1st marathon)

Caitlin Rogozinski: 4:39 (1st marathon)

Amanda Russell: 4:32 (1st marathon)

Deidre Skrudland: 3:29 (PR and BQ)

Carey Workman: 4:29 (PR)

Half Marathoners:

Amanda Ferrier: 2:32

Kerry Gierisch: 1:57

Lisa Mays: 2:11

Heidi Munin: 2:50 (10 min Austin Half PR)

Valarie Neidig: 1:57

Jessica Neufeld: 1:41 (PR)

Anne Speck: 2:14


Coach Larry Bright, Austin Half & Full M group
Congratulations to the South Austin Team for kicking butt on the Austin Course yesterday!

Stacy completed her first marathon at a time of 4:16:37 and looked just as relaxed at mile 25.5 up San Jac as she did all training season.

Jennifer who also looked as relaxed as ever, smiling and chatting up San Jac broke 2hrs with a 1:55:23

Krista ran too fast and I missed her after my finish as she completed the half at 1:52:18.

Lisa also completed the Half with a 2:42:13 as she works through a few nagging issues.

It was also good to see Richard out on the course and supporting the runners.

Well done by all!


Coach Jenn Howard Brown, Austin Half M group

Inspired performances . . . the Jenn & Tonics crew rocked the Austin Marathon & Half Marathon with 2 first-time marathoners, 2 first-time half-marathoners, 3 PRs & 1 Distance Challenge finisher!

Jayke Valverde, 4:00:51 (First Marathon)
Van Fitzgerald, 3:30:34 (First Marathon)
Alissa Perez, 2:17:04
Andrew Perez, 1:59:44 (PR by 20 min.!)
Ashley ‘Ristuccia’ Sorvillo, 2:48:52
Caitlin Helman, 2:25:43 (First HM)
Charlotte Reyer, 2:40:29 (Distance Challenge finisher)
Conney Bisson, 2:11:24 (First HM)
Mindy Le Jeune, 2:39:40
Marisa Mach, 2:20:37 (PR by 2 min.!)
Sarah Stanton Johnson, 2:19:20
Sonia Trevino David, 2:24:13 (PR by 9 min.!)
Tim Davis, 2:11:23

Special mention of 2 of my best running buddies who kicked butt today:
Paul Escobedo, 3:46:58 (marathon PR by 6+ min.!)
Heidi Munin, 2:50:50 (10 min. faster than last yr’s Aus. HM)


Coach Nedra Bray, Austin Half M group

Team Las Maquinas results

Austin Anderson   1:47:32 – 1st Half
Brian Rutledge  2:23:00 – 1st Half
Chad Cosper  2:20:10 – PR
Eduardo Pedroza    1:48:17
Erin Tsukamoto   1:55:50
Jenn Kiggins   1:58:58
Josh Elliott   1:36:39
Maria Resendiz   2:05:48
Monica McAlister   2:03:49
Patrick O’Brien   2:19:32 – 1st Half
Robert Johnson   1:58:15
Shawnell Anderson   1:56:43 – 1st Half
Sonja Rutledge   2:17:06 – 1st Half
Taryn Weiss   1:48:53- PR
Thomas Curry   1:59:08 – PR


Coach Liz Freeman, Austin Half group

Liz’s Half Marathon Crew results, including a couple who raced the same weekend but different races:

Anna Vander Broek – 2:15 – 1st Half

Brad Johnson – 1:45:46 – 1st Half

David Isquick – 1:55:07

Debbie Danford – 2:22:47

Dylan Dobecki – 2:19:36  (St. Pete Rock n’ Roll Half)

Erica Chapman – 2:24:43 – 1st Half

Erin Osenbaugh – 2:38:39 – PR by 11 minutes

Hau Phan – 2:12:06 – PR by 7 minutes

Leah Leeds – 1:59:20 – first Half under 2 hours

Mark Whitesides – 2:09:04

Paul Cronin – 1:57:45 – PR

Sarah Walton – 2:24:48

Shannon Wiggen – 1:56:13 – PR by 6 minutes  (Breast Cancer Half)

Tom Small – 1:46:08 – placed 5th in his division

Windy Hardaway – 2:15:41

Coach Scott Carden (Austin Half group)

Carri Carswell: 2:11:09

Margaret Darby: 2:48:14

John Gravell: 1:55:10

Steve Hamilton: 2:02:30

Amy Medrano: 2:09:13

Ame Petry: 2:07:01

Jayson Rapaport: 2:03:58

Cindy Gravell: 1:55:10

Tori Wicken: 1:55:22


Coach Marilyn Faulkner, Austin Half group

Madhavi Reese:  2:00:06 – PR

Amanda Anderson:  1:57:38 – PR

Emily Young:  Ran the half as a motivator for her sister!

Cameron Siewert:  2:05:04 – PR

Jaideep Dastidar: Had a PR of 2:38:39 on the course and kept HMGP or above the entire time!

Marilyn Faulkner: 1:48:27 – PR on Austin course, ran with her mom for her mom’s first ever half!


Coach Kim Wrinkle, Team Rogue Cedar Park

Carl de Leon (3:40:46) and Jimmie Vaughan (3:41:42) both PRed. Congratulations!


Coach Jeff Knight, Team Rogue ADC

Impressive results by Team Rogue Austin Distance Challenge, coached by Jeff Knight, aka el Jefe. The Austin Distance Challenge is the cumulative results of runners completing the IBM 10k, Run For Water 10-miler, Decker Challenge, 3M Half Marathon, Rogue 10k/30k, and the Austin Marathon/Half Marathon. Christine Egli won the Female Masters division by over 50 minutes and Julie Stansberry won the F40-44 division by a landslide 65 minutes. Mark Enstone placed 3rd in the full-track M45-49 and Larry Bright won the half-track M45-49 by 7 minutes. Congrats Team Rogue ADC!


Coach Carolyn Mangold, Spring Marathon group

Congrats to all of you who raced this weekend, taking on the tough hometown Austin course.   You all have trained hard, some of you for a really long time, as many of you started last summer.   Special thanks to all the NSR’s (Northside Runaways) who came out to cheer them on.  We all know how meaningful it is to see a friendly face, especially wearing a Cat in the Hat!

Congrats to all:

·         To our first time marathoners:  Dave, Steven and Tori.  All 3 persevered and finished strong, even looking great up that San Jac hill, despite the mental challenges along the 26.2 miles.  Good job to Tori for running a negative split race for her first marathon.  Woo hoo!

·         To newcomer Matt, whose intent was to run the marathon as an easy run, but finished within 10 min of a PR!

·         To our Half marathoners who Pr’d:  Adusha, Kenneth and Z!    Once again, new and faster paces for Z to run at the Wed workouts.

·         To our Half marathoners, long distance veterans now, having run multiple half marathons:  Doug, Kit , Missy, Patsy, Sheryl, Thomas and MyHong.  Kit ran Austin faster than her time trial predicted, even with extra mileage she added Sunday to make this her long run for the week.


Coach Allison Macsas, Spring Marathon group

Though our group is focused upon later races and are still in the thick of training, we had some incredible performances!

Manny Macias quietly went and entered himself into the actual marathon, and ran 3:35, a 38 MINUTE PR!

Robert Nathan raced the half and PR’ed with a 1:42, just a month after his great Houston performance!

Andria Chaney PRed by 4 minutes in the half, finishing with a great 2:13!

Debbie Allen ran a super-strong 2:11 as a ‘fun run’ and Priscilla Macias also ran a solid 2:27.

Mandy Deen officially returned from her post-Dallas injury with a 26:32 in the Paramount 5K.

Adam Mathews survived the fastest post-injury ramp up ever to fulfill his 4:10 pacing duties, and assistant coach Devon Kiernan paced Marathon High kids to a life-changing first marathon in 5:15.

Awesome, everyone!


Again, congrats to everyone who ran and thank you to all of our coaches! We are proud to call you Rogue!


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  1. And “Late to Publication” Cedar Park results and PR’s… Carl de Leon (3:40:46) and Jimmie Vaughan (3:41:42). Congratulations!

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