What a Marathon Month for RiffRaff!

Unknown-1UnknownThe Austin Marathon for team RIFFRAFF was an outstanding day.  Some of the group signed up for their first marathon ever on Friday on a whim and some trained for many weeks and months for the big day.

The team hit the streets bright eyed and bushy tailed and the results showed that this team can hold true to their coaches motto “PR WITH PANTHER”.   The weekend started off with a pasta feast at the 8 year old traditional Pope’s table at Bucca De Beppo.  Stories were shared and hugs were given.  Saturday night a few of the team chalked the streets for RiffRaff and their fellow ROGUES.

Sunday came and the weather was perfect.  Cold start and sunny finish.  Little bit of a headwind as you head down south.

Coach Panther was the leader of our band of runners pacing the 3:25 group and keeping to a perfect pace the entire way.

–Sassy, who PR’d her marathon and qualified for Boston. She shaved several minutes and placed 9th in her age division with 3:29:53.
–Blade, who PR’d her marathon, as well.
–Trey,ran his FIRST ever marathon yesterday, in 4:20.  He looked really good at mile 26.
–Fifi, who PR’d her half marathon.
–Moonie, who flew in from London, UK and had his “non-3M” PR (yes, I count that as a PR).
–Joe, who ran the half with his son!
–Julie used it as training for Boston and her way crazy goal of several marathons back to back.
–Gina ran as an active spectator
–Tori ran her second marathon in 3 months.

Next weekend were all doing Cowtown so, there should be even more great things ahead.  GO RIFFRAFF!!!


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