Way to Kick Ass!

By Coach James Dodds

We are crazy proud of all that has happened and is happening at Rogue Cedar Park. We had three programs preparing runners for the Austin Half & Full Marathon. We are a little late on posting results but we like to think of it as fashionably late 😉 Plus, we are hoping that right as you forget about the race … you get to see our smiling faces.


… here are the results and on behalf of Rogue, I cannot say enough how proud I am of each of these fine people!

Team Rogue: Led by our one and only, Kim Wrinkle, they had two training for Austin while others were training for various other races.




Carl de Leon, 3:40: 46 (5-minute PR)

Jimmie Vaughan 3:41:42 (7-minute PR)






Moms Mid Morning Runners: These ladies had quite the showing this season. When Mae pioneered this program just last year, most of her team was hoping to build the healthy habits of running consistently. This year Mae and company had 7 runners cross the line … all while juggling the little ones! Congrats Ladies!!!



Kelly Gin- 2:23:39
Dana El Zein- 2:38:49
Jenni Elenniss- 2:53:51





Mae Coffman- 3:33:33 (1st in Age Group & 7th overall in DC … Damn Coach!)
Kate Porcher- 4:29:19
Lauren Walz- 4:45:26
Amanda Trapani- 4:46:58
Andrea McCabe- 4:54:19



My Austin & Full Marathon Group: This group was a blast. We had a great mix of familiar Rogue faces and a great influx of new Rogues. We bonded quickly. It was and is truly an honer to train these people. I cannot believe it is over.



Full Marathoners:

Victoria Howard 4:28:03
Jen Verzal 4:31:36
Amanda Casey 4:35:32
Andrea Esparza 4:37:58
Rebecca Upchurch 4:02:46 (2nd in Age Group for DC)
Jennifer Froderman 4:24:57
Patricia Arguelles 4:35:19
Lindsay Miller 4:52:29
Nancy Mallory 4:10:39 (1st in Age Group for DC)
Scott Tefler 4:02:45
Steven Kim 4:43:40
Ivana Kundivich 4:00:49
Tim Kewish 4:24:10
Heather Dalton 4:45:51
Ricardo Elizondo 4:20:11

Half Marathoners:

Geri Miller 2:27:37
IMG_0582Jessica Thomas 2:08:28
Merae Potvin 3:31:59
Shannon Bissanti 2:03:26
David Michael 2:24:49

Charles Whitton 2:08:32
Julie Strong 2:25:49
Derek Wolfhart 2:25:56
Rosalinda Bower 2:55:56
Courtney Dean 2:08:40Sally Pina 2:54:02
Kersten Hall 2:13:35
Heather Pacheco 1:54:13
Cecilia Gonazalez 2:23:02
Christi Traver 2:23:02
Cheryl Schneider 2:51:46
Carrie Betzen 2:13:34
Heidi Osborn 2:08:40
Katie Cummings 2:08:40
Shannon Poortinga 2:25:55 (30+ minute PR)

In closing, the season’s end is bitter sweet. We decided to celebrate today with mimosas (Coach David Hilsenteger begrudgingly helped out with that chore), donuts, kaloches, coffee, a lil run, afternoon bar-b-q, war stories … and best of all, this bad ass cake that Coach Michelle Sears made for us. Thanks Michelle, you could not have said it better! That is pretty much the way we feel about this entire season!



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