Coaching … I mean … Running Austin:

By Coach Jimmie Vaughan

Originally, I had no intent of writing a post race summary of my experience of the first stab at the Austin Full Marathon.  To be quite honest, I still haven’t been able to tell just how I really feel about the whole thing.  It could be I feel others have the perception that I’m always running so a race like this is just expected, it’s what I am programmed to do.   You know, the whole “Oh, there’s Jimmie running again”.  Could be I just don’t usually congratulate myself, nor want others to congratulate my accomplishments. Maybe I just have not given a fair time to reflect, or maybe I’m at a loss for words.  I know Aussie Scott, me, a loss for words?  That’s not right, that’s not me.  That’s impossible!
Actually, I think where some of the conflict is coming from is the fact that not only am I a runner, but a Coach as well.  As a runner, I always told myself I didn’t need a pat on the back.  Tell me what to do, I go do – that’s it, the end.  Done.   As a Coach, you instruct others what to do and you encourage and cheer them on.  Not because you have to, but you want to.   Also as a Coach, you spend a lot of time working to help other people achieve their goals that you forget about being your own cheerleader.  You know, grab the pom-poms, and throw on the short ski… Hey, what kind of article is this?!?!?  You see the Irony in all of this?  Mr. Dodds and I had a pretty in-depth conversation about how a Coach spends so much time on everyone else that sometimes we forget to celebrate our own accomplishments.  Maybe at the time we were being Philosophical, or maybe it was the beer talking.  Probably more beer than philosophy but still … 
Aside from all of that, another part of Austin that surfaced was the whole home court advantage aspect.  I was one of those that searched for the out of town races because Austin intimidated me.  Chris addressed this in his race strategy.  Sheer work of genius, by the way Chris.  Moving forward, I now have a secret weapon.    Back in the day, yes Parmer, before you were born –I always played better Basketball in my home gym than on the road.   Shots seemed to fall more effortlessly, and of course the crowd always cheered louder.  I ran the Austin half a couple of years ago (Pre-Rogue) and it was a much more lonely run than this one.  An away game if you will.  During this race, I felt like every time I looked up there was a familiar face cheering the runners on.  Cheering ME on!  Which brings me to the Rogue Community.


Okay Aussie, can you NOW smell what The Vaughan is cookin’?
So, to elaborate on what I took away from this race is the memory of having so many Rogue friends giving up their spare time to help me get through a race that technically I should have never been able to run successfully – at least from my perspective.  I also got to take away the aspect of being proud.  It’s okay to be proud of “ME” for what I did. Not because it’s what’s expected, but because in this instance it was not what was expected.  ImageFrom my Coach, to my Rogue Teammates, to past athletes, to fellow Rogue Coaches and runners, to that Chris guy (who actually ran a bit with me on the easy part for like two or three seconds), to Schrup reminding me late in the race that I was Team Rogue, and to Chuck Duvall that iced down a special cooler of beer for me back at the shop.  Well, maybe it wasn’t ONLY for me, but I’m going to say it was.  Who could have asked for anything more?  The day was a gentle reminder that as a Rogue you never go at these things alone because at home, you always have the advantage.  No matter if you win or lose you’ve got someone there to cheer you on.  And you’ve got a friend that will remind you to pat yourself on the back from time to time.
So maybe, for me, running Austin was less about racing and more about learning to be celebrated by others as well as celebrating myself.  Despite the fact that I’m a Coach, I am a runner too.  I am Rogue.   Well played Life’s Lessons. Well played.

Congratulations to everyone that ran and supported the 2013 Livestrong Marathon/ Half Marathon!



Coach Jimmie puts on some awesome events in CP. He also coaches our beginner programs. If you are ready to take step one … then click here and join him! 

2 thoughts on “Coaching … I mean … Running Austin:

  1. Awesome article Coach Jimmie – This is always a good reminder that our coaches are real people and runners too! And yes, incredibly inspiring to those of us who are not that advanced. You did awesome at the race and even more so considering you did it with five weeks of training!!!!

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