PR like an Aussie, a group for everyone!

I have the privilege of coaching some amazing people. I coach a group called “PR like an Aussie” and I’m a coach that runs every step with my athletes on the days we meet. ImageFirstly, I have to thank my fellow Cedar Park Rogue Coaches for setting me and my group up for success by providing us water on course which in return allows me to run every step with my athletes, Michelle Sears, Jimmy Vaughan, David Hilsenteger James Dodds – Thank you!!!. For the last 15 years my involvement of running was all about me (my next Blog will tell my story) but the last 18months I have become a coach and ambassador of the sport, something I could not have done in the past as I was putting all my time and energy into chasing my goals so hard I had nothing to give back with. These days it’s all about giving back and I’ve loved every step including my involvement with Rogue, the healthy life balance it gives me and most importantly the AMAZING people I have come to know as my FRIENDS.

I’m prepared to do anything for my group as they are prepared to do anything for me; I’ve paced many of them to PR’s in races or just ran beside them for moral support. I believe you really get to know someone when you share a moment up against your threshold of stress. With that said, my success as a coach comes from running next to or drafting my friends in workouts and races, sometimes this involves words of encouragement or advice but often it’s just about having someone there weather telling stories or just shutting up, I’ve become very good at learning my athletes and known that important role of talking to sidetrack them or shutting up and dealing with the grind, I’m sure you are all nodding your heads to this!!!


PR like an Aussie is an advanced group but we are NOT ELITIST! We are far from elite runners, but we do pursue greatness …. we balance busy schedules and try to get the best out of ourselves physically, we all have full time jobs, and the majority has kids. A few of us just like challenging our aging bodies and spend as much time in the repair shop as we do killing workouts!

Our group has 2 goals which is known as the Rogue way;

  1.     Provide an environment where everyone is set up to run a PR 
  2.     Have fun!

While we work hard and push into stressful boundaries of our body and minds limits we also balance this with just having fun, I like to set up random running challenges that may not focus on an individual’s goal race but achieve much more than that, team bonding and building friends for life. I’m going to spend the rest of this blog by introducing you to my athletes, these people may not all be runners by nature but I can vouch that 100% of them are athletes to their core!!! Allow me to explain what I’m talking about my introducing some of my athlete.

This 1 guy, Jeremy Saucier just completed a 50mile Trail Race in 10hrs, in the months leading up to this event his  average weekly mileage was less the 50miles a week, tell me that guy doesn’t have a big heart and some interesting life stories! Tracy Nordstrom join us about 5 months ago and is by far the most improved runner I have coached, 3 kids, works a full time job and can run a sub 50min 10km any day of the week as long as she has time to hit the gym beforehand, Tracy likes to state she is the slowest in the group, but to me she is the toughest as she never gives up and has PR’ed in every race since joining!

While I’m on a bragging high let me tell you about my other 3 ladies I coach. Sarah Fain has been running with me for over a year now and has run sub 19min 5km and surprised herself by running 5:24 at Congress Mile last year with no speed work, Sarah looks to better her time at this year’s Congress Mile and you will be sure there will be a screaming Aussie sprinting alongside!!! Sarah’s partner in crime is Carissa Fleskes, who has also broke 19min for 5km, together they dominate the Cedar Park local races, recently Carissa has been bed ridden due to surgery but is already in sub 20min shape (3 weeks after being allow to exercise) her results are credited to her bubble personality and “nothing is too hard” attitude. My latest recruit is Anne Nutt, Anne recently moved to Austin and joined us 2 months ago,  juggling a young son, buying a house and all challenges that come with relocation, Anne has ran close to her race PB’s in training, it does help that she has Sarah and Carissa to chase!

James Hayes has always been a talented runner, by far the smoothest runner I have, his efficiency over the longer distances scares me when I run alongside. Mike O’Keefe was basically an amateur bodybuilder before he started running with us, he is built like a 100 year old Oak tree and has provided the group great security (not that we need it in Cedar Park). Mike is new to running but has completed the Distance Challenge and will throw down with the best until he can barely stand up, hence why I can relate to the guy! Lee Toowey is on the local elite team and for good reason, he just finished 16th overall at the Austin Marathon a few weeks back with a 2:55, oh did I say he is in the Masters category? Kevin Irwin, also a local elite joined around the same time as Lee, Kevin has run in the 2:40’s for a marathon and used to race the great Steve Sisson in college, Kevin recently ran 17:28 at the Rogue Track Festival, I wonder how many Masters are doing that?

The entertainers of the group are James Rogers and Andy Webb, both have Doctorate’s in nonstop chatter and can be a lot of fun when they aren’t bragging about their beloved Aggies. Both are capable of sub 20min 5kms and sub 90min half marathons and know how to make time to fly on a long run! They both ran just outside 90mins for Austin half marathon while stopping to take photos with their kids! Bryan White took up Marathoning just last year and has completed a few, he has just come off running 1:42 for Austin Half and I’m looking forward to helping him set his next goal!

Jaime Pina has had big goals ever since I met him, his first running goal was to make the Rogue Local Elite Team which he did, his next goal was to break 17mins for the 5km which he did a couple of weeks ago. Jaime is one of the most competitive guys I have ever met; don’t invite him golfing, to the shooting range or a poker game! Jaime is now getting ready for Cap10 and I can’t wait to watch him progress!

So whether you are looking to PR in your next race like Jimmy Vaughan or just looking for entertaining people to run with we love to welcome new people. The workouts will be tailored to fit your goal race and there are plenty of experienced folks to help you every step.

Aussie Scott




Coach Aussie Scott, A.K.A Rogue Man, leads PR like an Aussie every Tuesday and Thursday evening at Rogue Cedar Park. Come Join Him! 


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