Rogue Mom Love Story

By Fellow Rogue: Robyn Sutton

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A mom, a stroller and a bunch of fabulous women: A Rogue Mom Love Story!

Last October I signed up for the inaugural group of the Cedar Park Mom’s mid-morning Runners. I joined this group with hopes of improving my running ability, which at the time was a 45 minute run/walk 5k, and including my two daughters in my fitness routine instead of leaving them in a gym daycare. What I got from this group however is much more than I ever imagined.

The first day of the program I remember being terrified of walking into Rogue to find a room full of perfect super model, marathon runner, moms with newborns who didn’t cry or leave spit up stains all over their running shirt. ImageWomen who could run out the door with hair perfectly styled and return from a 6 minute mile without breaking a sweat. I mustered the courage to wheel my stroller through the doors and face whatever met me on the other side. To my relief my eyes scanned the room unsuccessfully for female models from the cover of Runners World. Instead I found a room full of moms, just like me. Some were runners, some were even marathoners and some had the same fear and excitement in their eyes that I did. Dreamers. Wonderers. Can I do this? Then there was our coach. She seemed just like the rest of us too, except she knew what she was doing. Her eyes and a smile that said confidently “yes, you can do this”. With faith in her faith in us we set out the doors, a parade of strollers, and never looked back. We wouldn’t learn till later what a badass our coach really is, but in spite of her super human speed she was still just a mom like us, a runner like us.

In the year and a half since I started running with Rogue some of the original moms have remained and some moms have come and gone, but few have lost touch with us. ImageRunning with these women is more than just running. We share more than the road on Thursday and Saturday mornings. We share our lives. This is the same I imagine as any other close knit group of runners. By the end of a three hour long run you sometimes know more about the people you run with than you do your own family members.The uniqueness of this group though is that while we may be from different backgrounds, religions, social class’ and age groups we are all in the same station of life. Motherhood, and that is a tie that binds. Of course we all share a love of running, but our devotion to our children and setting a positive example of healthy living also brings us together.

This year the Rogue moms took on the Austin Marathon. A conquest that last October seemed far reached as we struggled to run to the windmill without gasping for air, but they ran it and ran it with a vengeance. They ran strong and steady and never gave up. It was the first marathon for some, the first post baby marathon for others. When they reached mile 25.2 it took everything in me not to burst into tears of joy, run onto the course and scream “Holy Sh#t! You are about to do this!” It was all pride and love and I wouldn’t trade sharing that moment with them for anything. These women I run with have seen me at the absolute best I can be and at my lowest and they are faithfully and supportively by my side regardless. My victories are theirs as theirs are mine. I know they would be willing to shoulder the burden of my disappointments if it were possible and have proven so after what ended up being my worst race ever in Dallas this past December.

The Austin marathon was the apex of the race season for most of the moms. ImageWe will share one last hurrah at the upcoming Austin 10/20 before the Moms group goes dormant for summer (pushing a 90lb. stroller in 100 degree heat is…well, it’s un-fun for everyone involved). However, the start of training for my goal race this year is just around the corner. If you asked me a month or two ago if I would attempt another marathon I would have either laughed out loud or burst into tears, but with the passing of time and the proof that this IS doable by my running mama cohorts I am ready to give this marathon business another shot. In May I will start training for Chicago. I am nervous, terrified, excited, I am ready. I know I have a small army of Rogue moms and kids behind me that will be cheering me on and ready to push when I need pushing. It is in them that I find the strength to keep trying. In Rogue I have found a wonderful community but in the Moms group I have found a family and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


These crazy awesome mother runners meet both downtown and in Cedar Park. They know what it’s like to juggle training and the little ones, both. So they just bring em along and make it happen! Come join em! 


3 thoughts on “Rogue Mom Love Story

  1. I love everything about this post. I was right there with you every word. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled backwards into running with you Rogues — you are my PEOPLE now.

    It’s funny, I had the exact opposite fear as you did walking into that room for the first time. I was worried it was going to be a bunch of inexperienced runners trying to lose the baby weight, but it was so much more than that.

    I can’t even tell you how glad I am to have the Rogue moms in my life now. I want to come to Chicago to cheer you on! Can I make that happen?? You are gonna rock it! I can’t wait!

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