Riff Raff and the Texas Independence Relay

TIR StartTeam RiffRaff had a fantastic time this weekend as they ran “The Texas Independence Relay” (TIR) 200 miles from Gonzales, Texas to LaPorte, Texas.  RiffRaff AKA “PR with Panther” did no other than set PR’s. First it was the groups first time to attend the event that is a PR in and of itself.  But what the crew did was survive on little to no sleep and run as fast as their feet could.

The start:

In true Riff Raff fashion, the gang shows up in a nice white van and a Texas Edition Suburban. The ever charismatic Fifi received the gift of a megaphone (way to go Blade). To the gang’s surprise, Fifi was a complete natural and even announced that Van 2 was full of single ladies. Riff Raff had arrived

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 3.11.27 PM

Before embarking on the 200 mile adventure, Charlie Deuces found FREE sausage wraps, which consisted of a sausage link wrapped in a tortilla. To fuel up for his leg, he indulged in 3 sausage wraps while the gang was preparing to start. Meanwhile, LWT and Blade found some nice cowboys with mullets to flirt with at the starting line. The race started with a cannon exploding and the entire Riff Raff crew started the first mile together. After the first mile, Padre took off on his 4 mile adventure.

While Padre ran the first leg, the Riff Raff gang returned to the vans to go to the next leg. Thanks to Fifi’s megaphone skills, two phone numbers of eligible bachelors were tagged in purple on the side of the Van 2! Nice work team!

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 3.11.14 PM

The Team Captain “Little White Tail” “LWT” (AKA Meredith Cohen), lit the cannon and our song “Truckin” played loud over the speakers and we yelled “Come and Take It” with our flag held high and we were off with the Largest Texas flag behind us.  The other groups like the Moms in TUTUs and the Mullets watched as we took off.

We were on our way to adventure.  We saw all kinds of historical markers and met lots of people.  The team was in  high spirits. At the exchange we slapped a slap bracelet on to the next person and the race was on, back roads of gravel and through bayous and over highways we traveled 200 miles to the memorial in La Porte.

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 3.11.57 PM

We ran into the Roguettes,  a fantastic group of ladies that were down a few men (rather women), but they carried on as all Rogue athletes do, head high and with a job to do and they got it done.  What a great group!

We ran through the night on  highways with flashlights and the aid of our teams support. The wind was high and the temperature dropped significantly. As we came into Houston (obvious that they must not have drought issues, we were pelted by 32 mph winds and sprinklers).  People were losing their minds, but we gathered up our wits and got our jobs done.  We ran on! into the bayous through trails and wound our way through the neighborhoods of Houston and then through the Memorial of Sam Houston and we were closing in on the Memorial and the  finish.  We followed our troops through all the legs cheering them on and tagging all the other cars with RiffRaff.  

The Team Captains
Little White Tail

The Team
VAN 1:
Little White Tail- Meredith Cohen
Aaron- Driver

Charlie Deuces
Green Shoes
Nighthawk: DRIVER/Runner


Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 2.03.15 PM

Texas Independence Relay is Texas’ most exhilarating group race. Click here to join them next year! 


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