Meet Coach Robyn

By Coach Jimmie: 

Up to this point, I’ve done a pretty good job at introducing you to myself, Aussie Scott, and most recently Parmer Brown as an attempt for the Rogue community to better know the Coaches in Cedar Park.  Sorry Aussie, this ones not about you because they ALL cannot be about you.  Anyway, we have a Coach at Rogue Cedar Park who does her job each week and many have not had the opportunity to get to know her.  So what better way to get better acquainted with someone and  their trade than to have it presented Jimmie style!


Who is Coach Robyn.  Well, she’s this crazy fit chick that teaches Rogue Core twice a week in order to help all runners in their respected programs become  stronger. Image She works all those ancillary muscles needed to push our bodies to the next level while running.  Coach Robyn is so fit, not only does she instruct the classes, she participates in them as well!  Heck, when I cover for her I sit back and just run a stopwatch and tell the participants what to do.  I always tell my new runners, “I can run all day long, core not so much.”  Some call her “The Punisher”, or “Dr. Evil”, or  (oh wait, that’s just me), but her primary objective is to provide a satisfying workout while having fun.  I’ll be paying for that won’t I Robyn?

Even though she shies away from it, Robyn is a Rogue Marathoner (if you’ve run a marathon, you ARE a marathoner missy). Image She is married to James Rogers, an Aussie Scott protégé (nope, still not about you Mate), has two Rogue apparel wearing kiddos, and can be seen quite often at local races cheering all of the Rogue population on.  Robyn is very supportive, and makes every Rogue comfortable regardless of their level of fitness.  This Longhorn, oops I mean Aggie, is an ACE certified fitness instructor and takes great pride in putting together routines that will leave some curled up in the fetal position lying in the back corner of the shop possibly with a thumb in the mouth (Hi, my name is Jimmie – I’m not ashamed!).

My decision to write this particular installment came from the many Intro runners that ask me, “just what goes on at core?”  I’ve always tried hard to come up with an answer, but could only acknowledge that its not 45 minutes of crunches.  I’ve attended core many times, yet still cannot put into words just what goes on for the class.  When in doubt, go directly to the source and so there I went.


Here is Robyn’s take on core:

Core class is a 45 minute workout designed to strengthen muscles used during running. The goal is to prevent injury by using proper alignment, good posture, and muscle support. Cardiovascular endurance will also be on the agenda, making this a total body, cross-training experience. The exercises can be modified for the beginning runner/exerciser as well as the experienced marathoner and everyone in between. Bring a water bottle and expect to SWEAT. Expect to be pushed. Expect to be a little uncomfortable. If it hurts, that means it’s working.


If you want to be trained by one of the most fit Coaches Central Texas has to offer (okay Aussie Scott, a Coach not named you), show up on a Monday night in Cedar Park at either 6:00 or 6:45 and let Robyn provide you with a workout you won’t soon forget.  Who knows, you might just see me there lying on the floor just hoping to catch my breath.  Personally, I think me and Aussie are going to recruit Coach Robyn as we still have yet to catch us a Parmer.

Oh, I almost failed to mention.  Wanna see just how fit Robyn is?  Show up and watch her complete this one armed push-up thingy (technical term) without breaking a sweat!

 Here is a video of us showing off Robyn in action! 


2 thoughts on “Meet Coach Robyn

  1. I love everything about this. Robyn is the reason I started running, the reason I took my first fitness class 4 years ago. She puts her whole heart into making sure she does her best to help you succeed in your fitness goals. Thanks for being my friend and my coach Robyn!

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