Marathon High Partners with Groupon Grassroots to Raise Field Trip Funds

grassroots_blog_rundown 4Today Marathon High and Groupon Grassroots, the philanthropic arm of Groupon, announce the launch of a local campaign to help at-risk youth experience sustainable, organic agriculture through field trips to local farms and then learn the ease of preparing healthy meals at local kitchens.

The Marathon High Field Trip Fund campaign will be available on the Groupon Grassroots page beginning on Thursday, May 16th at 12:01a.m. and running through Wednesday, May 22nd at 12:01am. Utilizing Groupon Grassroots’ collective action model, Groupon subscribers can pledge support for the youth wellness initiative in increments of $10, with each $10 providing funds for van rentals and transportation.


Marathon High Field Trips help us maintain our main objective to teach at-risk youth healthy life skills and self esteem through running. Marathon High Field Trips will enhance the program as it ties in the four pillars of Marathon High: foster social responsibility, create a framework for academic success, cultivate high self esteem and generate healthy habits that establish permanent and authentic life changes in participants.

“We’re excited to leverage the collective action model of Groupon Grassroots to raise support for the Marathon High Field Trip Fund,” said Jeff Knight, Director of Marathon High. “We look forward to creating new awareness for Marathon High as one of the local organizations in Austin to be featured on Groupon Grassroots.”

One hundred percent of the Groupon Grassroots campaign proceeds will be used to provide funding to accommodate transportation for two off-site activities!


About Marathon High

Marathon High is a free, 5-month after school training program designed to give students who would not normally participate in standard interscholastic sports a chance to complete the Austin Marathon. The program consists of three training days per week including two after-school runs and one Saturday run. Students participating in the program get the incredible opportunity to be coached by Olympic-level runners that are a part of adidas/RogueAC.

About Groupon Grassroots

Groupon Grassroots uses collective action to gather support for worthwhile causes and produce tangible results for local organizations.

How you can help: 

1. Subscribe to Groupon ( in Austin, TX before the campaign launch.

2. Visit the Groupon site on May 16th when the campaign launches.

3. Be the first to give by supporting the Marathon High Field Trips Fund and spread the word to friends and family, encouraging them to do the same!

4. Leverage your Facebook and Twitter sites to share this information! Be sure to tag Marathon High (@marathonhigh), Groupon Grassroots (@grpngrassroots) and/or Groupon (@Groupon).
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