Drink up: a goal reached, a challenge issued

One year ago, we posted a blog exposing the fact that Rogue used a total of 215,000 paper cups (that’s 795 pounds!!) in 2011, and challenging you to help us reduce that number in 2012.

Well, if there’s one thing that Rogues know how to do, it’s how to take on a challenge and reach a goal. This was no exception! Thanks to your efforts, we cut our paper cup usage in half, to 110,000, despite having more runners than ever enrolled in our training programs!

Of course, we think we can do even better. We see more and more of you running with handheld bottles or belts, but we want to see more. Besides the obvious environmental benefits, these bottles can make a significant impact on your training and racing performance, especially in the summer.

Most runners lose 1-1.5 liters of water per hour, likely more during these hot & humid months, and should be drinking about 10 oz every three miles in order to stay hydrated, sufficiently cooled and performing optimally. Losing just 2% of your body weight through sweating (that’s just three pounds for a 150 pound runner) has a significant impact on performance.

Carrying a handheld bottle or wearing a belt allows you to drink steadily throughout your run, which is much more effective than flooding your system at each water stop (not to mention easier on the stomach). Besides, how much water are you really taking in with those little cups? Not much.

Another benefit: handheld bottles provide extra storage space for the necessities – gels, salt tabs, car keys, a few dollars. The bottles available are ergonomic, lightweight and literally fit like a glove – a comfortable and convenient way to make your training runs stronger, your races faster and our paper waste lighter.

Both Rogue stores have a variety of handheld bottles available, and the best choice is the one that fits your hand most comfortably. There is an array of other hydration products, however, from backpack-style packs to electrolyte supplements.

Several recommendations follow:

IMG_6113Nathan Vapor Wrap

A great option for those runners away from water for multiple hours!

Features include:

*2 L hydration bladder

*A wraparound style that hugs your upper back and shoulders for a secure fit

*Cargo room for a jacket or other gear

*A pocket for a water bottle on front strap

*A detachable cell phone pocket

*A side zip pockets for nutrition

*Men and women-specific designs, ensuring a perfect fit


  IMG_6103 Ultimate Direction SJ

UD boasts the newest in lightweight hydration! Features include:

*Two front loaded bottles instead of an interior bladder

*Lightweight divided storage compartments

*Safety whistle

*Front pockets for nutrition and accessories


IMG_6108Fuel Belt Revenge R20 and R30

A minimal hydration belt with the following features:

*Once size fits all

*2,3,or 4 bottle options

*A storage compartment for keys and gel (add on pockets available)

*Economically priced


IMG_6099Succeed S-Caps

*The only vegetarian salt tab!

*Helps reduce cramping

*Includes buffers to help with nausea

*Offers sodium and potassium electrolyte replenishment, which is a necessity for heavy sweaters in our humid climate.

*Can taken before and during exercise


IMG_6095E Gel

*Offers 150 calories compared to 100 in most other gels

*Includes 237 grams of sodium (nearly double that of Gu Roctane)

*Includes 85 g potassium (50% more than Gu Roctane)

*Offers essential amino acids as well as vitamins A & C


Rogue Running has two locations:

Downtown Austin: 500 San Marcos St. 78702 / 512.493.0920

Cedar Park: 2800 E. Whitestone Blvd. 78613 / 512.777.4467


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