Rogue Casting: We Want YOU!

Ambassador_frontWant to be part of an awesome Rogue promo video? We want you!

The shoot will be done LATE at night on Monday, July 22, in downtown Austin (exact location TBD). Please see below for requirements, followed by contact info at the bottom.


We’re looking for 50 or so runners that represent a cross-section of the ROGUE community. All genders, all ages, all ethnicities, as we want to really promote that ROGUE is for any and every type of runner. Running will be involved, so we need all participants to be in running shape—if you’re injured, stay home and rest. This will be a very late night, and participants must be available to stay through the duration.

*Extras will be used from 11pm-3am


Older Runners: We’re looking for an older male ROGUE, 55+ years or older. All ethnicities.

Female Runners: All ages, all ethnicities.

Male Runners: All ages, all ethnicities
*A handful of Principles will be used for the duration of the shoot: 12am-6am


Bright colored shoes, bright colored shorts and a black or dark-colored hoodie (this is just for casting purposes – you’ll be provided with an adidas hoodie at the shoot!)

Want in? Do this: Please submit a selfie headshot and full body pic (in a mirror) wearing the wardrobe described above to Becky Carrel at


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