Get to know RAC

by Carl Stones

“Fish! Fish! Fish!” Remember that scene from Shawshank when Andy Dufresne and all the other freshly convicted felons are walking through the prison halls for the first time as all the other inmates are yell and take bets on who’ll crack first? Well, joining Rogue AC is nothing like that, I just really like that movie. That being said, we have quite a few new faces around this year and I thought it might be nice to give them a few brief introductions in case you see them standing around on Saturdays or something. Let’s start with the lovely ladies. Becca Friday, Kristen Findley, Mia Behm, Anne Jones, and Michelle Finn, who all joined Rogue this summer.

Becca FridayBecca made the move to Texas from her hometown in Bellingham, Washington, though she spent the last 4/5 years running for the University of Oregon in Track Town USA (Eugene). Becca is a fairly decorated 1500 m/800 m runner and she has more All-American honors than I can count (so at least 4). From what we’ve gathered so far, Becca enjoys bumming rides, running low mileage, and getting sick. When she’s not running around in all of her new Adidas gear she’s working at a talent agency. I’m not sure what this exactly entails, but all of her teammates are now anxiously awaiting a casting call. She is also one of our new Marathon High coaches and works with the kids at Reagan High School.

kristen1Kristen spent her last several years running in the black and gold of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Actually pinpointing where Kristen spent the majority of her upbringing is very difficult as it involves numerous other countries and states that I probably can’t spell, including but not limited to, California, Saudi Arabia, and Boise, Idaho. Kristen, much like Becca, is also a 1500 m specialist. Are you noticing a trend here? Well you shouldn’t be, because there’s really not one. Anyways, Kristen spends her free time wearing neon arm sleeves inside out, and working at Arthrocare testing biomedical devices and other big words.
Mia BehmMia is new on the team, but is one of the longest veterans of the Austin area as she spent her last 5 years running for Steve at the University of Texas. Why would you want to continue running for Steve? Your guess is as good as mine, but she seems to be doing quite well. Mia doesn’t like to dilly dally in any races that take under 18 minutes to run, so her specialty tends to lie in the 5000 m range, meaning that she is fully capable of running over 3 miles without taking a break. Mia loves hanging out with Mark, doing ancillary 30 minutes before everyone else, and working 97 hours a week spread across 7 different jobs.
Anne, much like Mia, spent her entire collegiate career running for Steve at UT. Not a fan of running longer than 5 minutes at a time, Anne will be chasing after 1500 m glory alongside Becca and Kristen. She is currently studying to be a Pharm.D, which should come in handy down the road considering the general mental state of the team’s majority. When she’s not studying or running you might find in a long distance relationship, slipping experimental prescription medications into our drinks and helping Mia knock over dozens of hurdles every Monday and Thursday.
Michelle moved to Austin to join in on the steeplechase fun here at Rogue. Michelle comes to us from the grand metropolis of Bowling Green, Kentucky where she ran for Western Kentucky University. Contrary to popular belief, Michelle is not a native of Kentucky, but rather hails from sunny Ireland. Based on what we know thus far, and due to slight accent discrepancies, Michelle probably enjoys riding her bike, repeating everything she says at least three times until the rest of the team can at least fake comprehension, and guarding the coveted Rogue Running parking spots from atop the small knoll in the dirt lot.
Now on to the manly men: Matt Cleaver, Austin Bussing, Ethan Doherty, and Mark Feigen are all fairly fresh faces on the team.

Matt CleaverAfter graduating from the University of Georgia in Athens, Matt decided that any move to the north of the 35th N parallel would be foolish, and soon after he arrived in Austin, TX. Matt currently holds the record for fastest turn around after accepting a spot on the team. A mere 3 days after visiting the team in Austin, he had moved all of his worldly belongings from Athens to the living room of the Stoneford Manor (Andrew’s and my house). A very accomplished steeplechaser, Matt adds another great element to our team. In his free time Matt enjoys living alone, harvesting blood, and yelling “BOOM!” He currently supplements his running as a plasma technician at BioLife. The man is great with a needle.
Austin BussingAustin joins us as the tail end of an existential crisis that saw him spend 4 years running for the University of Kansas in Lawrence, before starting graduate school at the University of Texas and running on that team for a year. Another steeplechaser, Austin plays his part well in bringing up the team’s average height (thanks a lot, Jeff Sadler). He’s still in school at UT working on a Masters of Community and Regional Planning (plays with Legos), but has no more NCAA eligibility which allowed him to make the switch to Rogue AC. School keeps him fairly busy, but he does lend his hand as a coach for Marathon High twice a week. When he’s not busy with all of that he can usually be found self-massaging in public, arguing the case that Faulkner, and not Vonnegut, is the greatest American novelist, and trying to find fridge space amongst the food from his 17 other roommates.

EthanEthan comes to the Land of the Longhorns from the highly controversial Aggieland where he ran for several years before deciding that College Station just was not a good fit. He still avidly supports his old team and watched nervously as the Aggies were just edged out of a win at the Wisconsin CC Invitational this past weekend…by 844 points. Ethan joins the likes of Chris and Danger Dave Edwards as a 1500 m specialist. If you’re lucky you may catch a glimpse of Ethan working the shoe floor up north at Rogue Cedar Park. Ethan enjoys wearing a hat that labels him as a “Champion,” wearing hip glasses, and talking.
Mark FeigenLast but not least, Mark made his pilgrimage to Austin from New York City where he spent 4 years running for the Lions of Columbia University. As the only Ivy League graduate in the group, Mark finds that most of his knowledge is lost upon his new teammates, but he makes do the best he can. Famed for his long femurs, Mark uses his talents as a 1500 meter and 5000 meter runner. Since moving to Austin he has found a job as a transporter and spends much of his day driving around Central Texas in a company owned car, sort of like those Jason Statham movies. Most of the money earned here goes toward paying off his considerable tab at the Subway on Balcones Drive. Mark enjoys wearing moderately high socks, pointing out inconsistencies in the ladies’ logic, and warming up with the men’s team.
So that’s the gist of it. If you see them around feel free to say hi, introduce yourself, play 20 questions, and make them feel welcome, or at least tolerated. In all seriousness, everybody listed has been a great addition to the general team atmosphere. Be sure to keep up with us and read the blogs on Most of the introductory blogs are up, so if you want to know more about our newbies just read their recent posts on the site!


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