Meet the Coach: Lenora Goessling

At Rogue, we believe that the success of our training programs rests not just upon expertly designed schedules and the huge network of resources and support on offer, but also upon our incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated coaches. These people put heart and soul (and a lot of time!) into helping you reach your full potential, and we thought you might like to learn more about them.


165973_3981002606175_1766776696_nWhen and why did you start running?

My mom and dad have always led an active lifestyle, each of them spending an hour or so a day working out in some way. As soon as we could be outside, my sisters and I were with them via stroller or baby carriage. I became more serious in high school when I used running to break up the monotony of double practices in the pool.

How did you get into coaching?

My first coaching job was in Roma, Texas, a small Texas/Mexico border town as the age group and middle school head coach for the swim  team. I moved down there to teach with Teach For America and walked into the school  pool to introduce myself to the Aquatics Director. I wanted to volunteer at swim meets  and see if the pool was available for teacher use. Within five minutes of telling the  director my swimming background, I had a key to the pool and a coaching job. I coached  for three years before moving to Austin.

Why Rogue?

I found my dream job in working with Marathon High at Rogue and love the JFR culture in the training groups.

What is your trademark coaching philosophy and/or style?

I believe the physical training has to be paired with the mental training. We can do all the prescribed workouts but if we are not mentally strong, when that wall at mile 20 of the marathon hits us, it will break us. If we train our mind, we can climb right over that wall and finish as strong as we start.

Most memorable run?

Ironman Coeur d’Alene in June 2013 when my parents organized a surprise cheering squad- ten of my closest family and friends were on the course all day  to support my second Ironman. I didn’t know they had traveled from Seattle to cheer me  on until I saw them on the first loop of the bike.

Favorite post-run meal?

An ice-cold IPA.

Favorite Rogue long run route?

I am just beginning to run with Rogue and am looking forward to branching out of my safety net of the trail.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new runner, what would it be?

Work hard enough during practices that you can be proud of your efforts after practice.

What are you coaching next?

Spring Marathon training

What do you do when you aren’t running or coaching?

Working towards transforming the youth of Austin through running.

Any pets?

We love our friends pets but do not have any of our own.

What’s the last book you read?

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbarnd

What is one item that is ALWAYS in your refrigerator?

Almond Butter

What is one to-do on your bucket list?

I’d like to do a marathon in every state.

Favorite quote?

“Be joyful. Seek the joy of being alive.”


Lenora will be coaching Spring Marathon 2014 on Tuesday evenings in downtown Austin and preparing marathoners of all levels for Big Sur, Big D, Vancouver and more. Training begins December 10 – get details here!

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