The Road To Boston

photo(13)by Amy Anderson

Are you on the Road To Boston? Join me and Team Rogue PM down town.

Are you running the 118th Boston Marathon on April 21, 2014? Whether you are taking it as your well-earned victory lap or you want to BQ again or you want to PR, Team Rogue PM: Road To Boston is the place to be.

Are you itching to qualify? The 119th Boston Marathon will be on Monday April 20, 2015 and the “window” to qualify began on September 14, 2013. Whether you are training for a spring marathon or have an eye beyond that, Team Rogue PM: Road to Boston will help you with your immediate goals and your longer range forecast goals to get that BQ.

Why Team Rogue PM Road To Boston? The Boston Marathon is my passion. It is an unofficial rite of passage in the world of marathon running. As marathoners, it’s our National Championships. As age group athletes, it’s our Olympics. No other marathon in the world captures the history, pageantry and excitement of the Boston Marathon. I’ve done Boston 6 times so far, and one of my goals is to do it at least 10 consecutive times. Not only that, my two fastest marathons ever are on that historic course, and regardless of what other marathons I “run”, Boston is the one I love to “race”. I think I have at least one more PR in me, and another of my goals is to PR again at the Boston Marathon. But my other goals? The ones that directly impact you?

If you are running Boston 2014: My goal is to coach you for exactly the race you want. As a member of Team Rogue PM, you not only get my 13 years of coaching experience, but I’ll also share Boston training and racing secrets that will prepare you very specifically for the 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston. Although I continue to learn something about that race every time, I can honestly say that there aren’t many people who know it better than I do. And I‘ll be right there with you in April.

If you are seeking your BQ: Oh, but to get to the start line in Hopkinton, you must qualify. That mystical and often elusive BQ, designed to be the upper limits of each gender and age group. My goal is to push you to reach those limits. As a member of Team Rogue PM, you get a coach who’s been with Rogue from its birth, coached hundreds of successful marathoners, who has run over 20 marathons and who will be standing on the starting line with you in 2015. Not only will you benefit from my own knowledge, you will be training with athletes who have run Boston in the past and are running it again.

In other words, whether you are running Boston 2014 or you are seeking a BQ for Boston 2015, you’ll be part of a running community focused on and working toward a specific goal… dare I say a “team”? Team Rogue PM The Road To Boston.


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