Seeing Double: Rogue rolls towards the Twin Cities Marathon

Drum roll, please! & the winner is…

Twin Cities Marathon

What am I talking about? Rogue’s featured Fall 2014 marathon, of course. Below we’ll give you five reasons you should choose to join Rogue on October 4th in Minneapolis/St. Paul. But don’t just take our points below as proof, check out the absolutely glowing reviews of the race at…pages & pages of them.


But before I do, we want to make perfectly clear that just because the Rogue administration has deemed this event to be the absolute hottest entry in the land, doesn’t mean you can’t train with Rogue to run any fall marathon of your choosing. It just means that you’ll miss out on the post-race party.

1.) Course – Regarded as “most beautiful urban marathon in America,” Twin Cities winds along beautiful lakes, across the mighty Mississippi from one gem of a city, Minneapolis, to another, St. Paul, before dropping down to one of the most spectacular finishes in the country at the Minnesota state capitol. If you miss the changing of seasons in Central Texas you’ll really appreciate the beauty of the trees showing off their fall foliage on a picture perfect course. & it is a fast course, with a nearly 20 mile gradual downhill. After the 20 mile point there is a long gradual climb to 23 miles before dropping again to the finish line. Many race reports play down the difficulty of the hill so we thought we’d check in with someone who raced the course in 2013.


Scott MacPherson, who qualified for the Olympic Trials (again) at Twin Cities, said he clearly remembers the climb & didn’t diminish its poor placement. “If the hill had been at any other place along the course I might not have noticed it as being significant. Luckily, I’d prepared for the hill in training & adjusted by race plan to accommodate an approximately 20 sec per mile slowdown in this section.” Of course, your training will also be tailor-made for this course & you’ll have a race plan laid out prior to the race at a Rogue-exclusive pre-race strategy session.

2.) Weather – Check out these numbers:
– Average high of 63°
– Average low of 41°

After training in the heat of a Central Texas summer (read: altitude training), the transition to the mild race day temperature will have the “Feels Like” temperature as “Fast”. While the weather is always a factor that cannot be controlled, the law of averages is certainly in our favor. By the end of August, the weather on an Austin morning is almost the same as the highest temperature in history in Minneapolis. The marathon did have a hot day in 2011 where the high temp of 84° was recorded. It didn’t get over 70° until after 11am. We went back 10 years & found the next highest temperature was 70° so that high was an aberration.

Don’t believe us? See the associated photos were spectators are wearing jackets. (Albiet light but, hey, they are Minnesotan!)

3.) Support  – The Twin Cities Marathon is widely considered one of the best-supported marathons in the world. From the starting line amenities (the Metrodome included) to the 30,000 locals who turn out every year on the course to cheer the racers to the aforementioned spectacular downhill finish, the race organizers have done everything to create a world-class racing experience. Along with these masses will be Rogue coaches who will be on the course to cheer our group on specifically. We’ll be at multiple locations for clothes drops & individual encouragement, including slaps on the ass or high fives, if requested. Sometimes racing in a different city can be a lonely affair. We can guarantee this will not the case for the Rogues at Twin Cities.


4.)The Rogue Training & Racing Experience – All of our training groups are designed to make the process of training over the dog days of summer fun. Whether the marathon is a bucket-list check-off or you are on a lifelong quest to push your personal limitations, it more rewarding when the experienced is shared with others. Training in a group increases accountability, creates new friendships & strengthens existing ones, opens one’s eyes to what they are truly capable of once they commit to something huge. Rogue prides itself on two specific things: 1.) The highest quality training schedules & sessions designed to allow every runner, beginner to advanced, to train effectively with experienced, motivational coaches. 2.) The amazing community that training & racing together creates. If you already train with Rogue, you get it. If you don’t train with us, give us a chance to change your world on May 3rd at our training kick-off party, Souped Up! The Road to Twin Cities Starts Here, for a FREE, open-to-the-public long run.

5.) PARTY! – Did we mention the post-race party? After the race you can share your triumphs & war stories with a group of people who will understand & appreciate your desire to talk for hours about running for hours.

Need more push? Just talk to Rogue Coach Bobby Garcia, the master of run and fun. He is so convinced Twin Cities will be an awesome affairs that he is bringing the entire Sole Survivors team. Boom!

Got your attention? Check us out on May 3rd at 8AM for a coach-led, all-paces, 5-7M easy run to celebrate the start of this training block. All the details you need are here. Or, if you are already in, sign up here and let Mark, Peri and Brent lead you to your best race ever (first or 100th).

Be sure to check back next week for the third and final installment of this series where I talk about some other “outside the box” races and adventures for the fall.

Race Details:

Twin Cities Marathon Website

Course Map & Elevation Chart

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