On Running Lights and Being Good Neighbors

Hello!  Here at Rogue we’ve dedicated November as “Safety Month!” With winter rolling in and the time change in place, it seems all our runs are now in the dark for morning and evening runners alike. Thus, safety becomes a greater concern. We believe safety is broken into two categories: “See” & “Be Seen.”

“See” – you know, illuminating the space around you so you can actually see where your feet are landing. Then there is “Be Seen”- illuminating yourself so that everybody else can see that beautiful stride of yours and avoid colliding with you. Both are very important, so we’ve got a few ideas if you are lacking in either category! Below are a few previews of some of our best products for both being seen & for seeing!

If you aren’t currently running with any sort of lights or reflective gear, we strongly encourage you to do so! Even if it’s just your vest from 5th grade safety patrol. A fairly common complaint about reflective gear and lights is that they don’t help you look very cool in such a hip and trendy city, but we’ve got some good news!  All of the products we offer look WAYYYYY better than anything from your wardrobe in the 80s!

Good Neighbors

We know we’ve been saying it a lot, but it’s very important to us to maintain a good, healthy relationship with all of our neighbors.  They are so gracious to accommodate many of our parking needs, but we need to do our best to meet them in the middle!  Most of it is just common courtesy, like not blocking driveways when we park (not even a little bit!), and not parking in front of fire hydrants.  Unfortunately the fire department doesn’t respond well to arguments about the importance of the long run for your marathon build versus the importance of accessing the water source in front of a burning house.   Sticklers.  Aside from parking, it’s also important to drive all the way around the block, or turn around at the end of the street instead of using somebody’s driveway.  One car turning around isn’t a big deal, but after a couple hundred every week it’s understandable why that might be a hassle.  Just a tip for anybody who doesn’t know, but Pressler does actually have an outlet at the far north end that feeds into 9th street.  Makes it easy to circle the block!

Beyond parking, always be sure to wear reflective gear, only run two abreast, and keep noise levels down a bit when running in the wee hours.  We aren’t nearly as visible as we may feel sometimes and a few extra precautions never hurt.  Last but not least, just be a good neighbor.  Say hello, be friendly, and be receptive to everybody you see!  The neighborhood existed long before the Speedshop and we are happy to be able to use it!


Alright, as promised, here are the reviews for some of our illuminating accessories!  We will start with our “See” category.


Price Range: $35 – $70

Nathan’s Zephyr Fire 100 –

This hand torch is the runner’s flashlight … BUT HANDS-FREE!!! Not only is it 100+ lumens with 60 meters of vision, it has a strap that holds it in place in your palm so you can be truly hands-free. It is water resistant & has a built-in emergency siren.  Best of all, the head has a 24-degree bend causing the beam to hit the ground in front of you without having to bend your wrist.

Black Diamond’s Sprinter –

This headlamp is 75 lumens and with its waterproof design it is great for all weather. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and comes with a red strobe tail light allowing you to also “Be Seen.”  Its settings include full beam, dimming, & strobe.

Petzl’s Tikka Plus –

This headlamp is our most powerful headlamp on the wall. It has a maximum power of 140 lumens that can be accessed in “boost mode” if you need to see further ahead. For more routine activity, it includes constant lighting, strobe mode, and red lighting which prevents the loss of night vision. Finally, the brightness of its beam does not decrease as the batteries in the lamp are drained.

Now on to the “Be Seen” category!



Price Range: $10 – $55

Amphipod’s Vizlet LED & Nathan’s Pulsar Strobe –

At only $10, every runner should own at least one of these two accessories. Both feature LED visibility. The Vizlet LED is both reflective and has a red flashing strobe. Its integrated dual magnets make it easy to clip anywhere, including hydration belts, shorts, packs, bags, collars, and more. The weather resistant Pulsar Strobe also easily clips to caps, laces, and collars, and features both slow and fast strobes.

Nathan’s LightFit & Black Light LightFit LED Vests –

Both of these vests are one-size-fits-most with adjustable and customizable shoulder straps. Their anatomical shape allows for full range of motion. They both have red & white LED lighting with 3 modes: slow strobe, fast strobe, & continuous.  The Black Light LED Vest is actually a reflective black fabric so when car lights shine on you, you can shine back.

So come by Rogue and make yourself safe!


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