Fall Racers, ya’ll ROCK!!

As the seasons change (I swear I saw a couple red and yellow trees out there!) and we approach the next cycle of races, we wanted to take the opportunity to look back on the accomplishments from the fall training cycle.

The Rogue community had a pretty incredible fall race season and those accomplishments took many forms. PRs and BQs are of course there but, the fall was also a seasons for firsts. First marathons, first halves, first training cycles, first time running 6 days per week, most consistent cycle, highest mileage and so forth!  And while the former is pretty cool – the numbers, PRs and BQs. The true value in these accomplishments is that they represent all of the hard miles run through the summer heat, the hills that we love to “make” y’all run, the social sacrifice and the drag-your-ass-outta-bed runs. That is the good stuff. This is what sets Rogue runners apart. This is what makes y’all so special.

We want to honor that and the coaches that led y’all to your races and through the training cycle, motivating, encouraging and guiding y’all.

Kudos yall to the endpoint and really, everything before that. Yall inspire us to bring our best everyday!

(Please note we did our best to compile all results and some results are still being collected so if you did not see your name here, let us know and we’ll add you to the list – or give your coach a hard time! HA! Also, this list includes results from late September through early November, if you raced later, we’ll get you in the next round. Thanks!)


Riff Raff

  • Panther, Chosen Marathon, Overall Masters winner
  • Jo Dee (“Triscuit”) Gregory, Chosen Marathon, 2nd overall female, won 30-39 age group
  • Karen Russell, Frankenthon, Overall Female winner
  • Alicia Hawley, 8K, Won 40-44 age group, 3rd in Distance Challenge in her AG
  • Stefanie (“Fifi”) Bertram, Marathon2Marathon, 5-minute PR

Riff raff

Chris McClungs Morning Show

  • Lex Hasert, Chicago, 3:23, Post-pregnancy PR
  • Chris MacLeod, Chicago, 4:09, PR
  • Lisa Mays, Chicago, 4:55, 1st marathon
  • Jessica Niemiec, Chicago, 3:25, PR
  • Declan O’Clerigh, Dublin, 3:21, 11-yr best
  • Naomi Paik, Chicago, 4:03, PR

Peri’s Fall Marathon

  • CHI Sunday, October 12, 2014 Charles (Chi) Graham 3:32:29 5 min PR
  • CHI Sunday, October 12, 2014 Christopher Lion 4:39:58
  • NY Sunday, November 02, 2014 Courtney (NY) Sears 4:46:28
  • NY Sunday, November 02, 2014 Sarah (NY) Throop 4:10:08 Ran with husband
  • FW Sunday, November 09, 2014 Zoe (Hill Country Marathon) Morris Training run

Brent’s Killer Bs – Fall Marathon

  • Chris   Allen   Houston (Jan)
  • Chelsa Bliskey
  • Rick     Bosworth        BCS (Dec)
  • Ashley Boynton          Chicago           5:15    First Marathon
  • Richard           Brown Boston (2015)
  • Chris   Carlson           Chosen NB – Half       1:32    PR
  • Tausha           Carlson           Chosen NB     3:34    BQ
  • Annie  Chang-McCormack    Marine Corps 4:16
  • Jessica Cowan            Marine Corps 5:04
  • Shelley            Crain
  • Paul    Cronin            Marine Corps 4:52    PR
  • Adrienne        Cunningham  Houston (Jan)
  • Aaric   Eisenstein      Steamtown     3:39    PR
  • Kyle    Fischer
  • Alicia   James
  • Danielle          Johnson          Chicago           4:23    First Marathon
  • Devin  Kani    Valencia          4:14
  • Summer         Lee
  • Dominic          Lumm Marine Corps 5:10    First Marathon
  • Lisa     Mazur Marathon2Marathon            3:59    PR
  • monica            mcalister        Twin Cities/NYC        4:19 / 4:43    PR
  • Kevin  McDevitt         Houston – Half           1:31    PR
  • Johnny            Nantz  Houston – Half           2:11    PR
  • jennifer          reid     Chicago           4:54    PR
  • Stacey Shapiro           NYC     4:27
  • Patricia           Skelton           Chicago           4:02    PR
  • Marian            Trattner         Marine Corps 5:40    First Marathon
  • Desiree           Vega    Chicago           3:52    PR
  • Ann Marie      Veletsos          NYC     3:49
  • Annette          Villarreal        NYC     5:25    First Marathon
  • Mike    Voth    Chicago           3:15    PR
  • John    Weatherly      Chosen NB     6:07

Killer Bs

Team Rogue Cedar Park with Kim

  • Joe Froderman, Hill Country Marathon, 3:52:23 4th overall
  • Angelica Kelley, Berlin Marathon, 3:43:43 Boston Qualifier
  • Meagan Lawlis, Chicago Marathon,3:31:50 PR, Boston Qualifier
  • Nicola Williams, Frankenthon Marathon, 4:14:00

Team Rogue PM with Amy

  • Tom Ray: Marathon2Marathon 3:52:30, 37 min PR
  • Bill Durbin: Twin Cities 2:54:56, 3.5min PR
  • Ashish Premkumar: Twin Cities 3:03:56, 25min PR/BQ
  • Cam Foster: Twin Cities 3:03:12, 7 minute PR/BQ
  • Brent Weber: Twin Cities 3:01:55, PR/BQ
  • Taryn Weiss: Twin Cities 3:43:09, 5 min PR

Team Rogue Sisson Downtown

  • Zarko Bizaca St George 3:43:12
  • Nora Colligan Chicago 2:49:26 PR; BQ
  • Allison Costello NYC 3:18:26 PR; BQ
  • Mandi D’Amico NYC 3:19:42 PR; BQ
  • Anthony Ferraro Chicago 3:59:01
  • Jim Fitzpatrick Dublin 3:08:39 BQ
  • Jason Gooch Twin Cities 3:02:34 PR; BQ
  • Kirk Larson Twin Cities 3:00:26 PR; BQ
  • Manuel Macias Chicago 3:20:03 PR; BQ
  • Allison Macsas Twin Cities 2:39:58 PR; Oly Trials Q
  • Robert Nathan NYC 3:25:58
  • Jeff Sadler Twin Cities 2:26:01 PR; BQ
  • Gray Skinner Ironman World Championships Kona 9:36:05
  • Paul Terranova Mountain Masochist 50M 7:20:45 Overall Winner
  • William Verhuel Amsterdam Marathon 2:38:40 PR; BQ
  • Michael Wedel Tahoe Super Triple 23:54:52 Overall Winner
  • Arik Yaacob Chicago 3:24:56 PR


Team Rogue el Jefe Downtown

  • Dana Andrae, Chicago, 3:35, surprise performance
  • Ryan Bane, Chicago, 2:59, surprise performance
  • Ginger Bane, Chicago 3:39, 16-min PR
  • Nedra Bray, DRC Half, 1:38:42, multi-year best
  • G Castillo, Chicago, 3:00, BQ and PR
  • Steve Chase, Chicago, 2:49, 11-min PR
  • Brandy Dodson, Chicago, 3:24,5-min PR
  • Jess Gonzales, NYC, 3:02, top female from Queens
  • Rich Hatch, RFTW, 79:16
  • Emily Howell, Ft. Worth Marathon, 3:52:31, BQ
  • Steph Kurpiewski, St George Marathon, 3:47:45, multi-year best
  • Alex Moffatt, Chicago, 3:10, 4-min PR
  • Muz, RFTW, 62:12, 6th AG
  • Jacque Peppler, DRC Half, 1:37:04, PR
  • Dionn Shafner, DRC Half, 1:51:37, gutsy race
  • Julie Stansberry, RFTW, 74:47,PR
  • James Stansberry, 80s 8k, 34:22, 5th AG

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