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Michelle with her two sons at the finish of the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon in February 2015.

Michelle Vega is a parent from our KIPP Academy of Arts and Letters program. 

Our son has autism and several medical issues. He struggled to find an activity that he enjoyed and was successful with for years. His biggest challenge was needing surgery on both legs within the year if his health didn’t improve.  When marathon high came to KIPP we encouraged him to just try for one year to see what happens.  The first month was the most challenging but the coaches helped encourage him to keep going. Our son ended up loving Marathon High and gained a love of running. The greatest blessing of all was to recently find out that he no longer needs surgery! His will to keep running has made a big difference in his medical condition. The support of Marathon High coaches during practices and races was awesome and helped tremendously.  He is so very proud to say he has ran a full half marathon.

“The greatest blessing of all was to recently find out that he no longer needs surgery!”

As a family we have all grown closer, become healthier, and are happy to have a new family activity to do together.  We will continue to support Marathon High for years to come because of all the positive opportunities they have not only brought our son, family, but all the students. Marathon High made it possible for our son to run in races, receive race shirts, and even gave him running shoes, which we wouldn’t have been able to do. Our family is forever grateful for Marathon High and we can’t wait to participate as a family next year.

We wish the program was year round but we will continue to keep up running during the “off season”

Forever changed,

The Vega Family

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