The Top Four Hydration Tips to Survive Running in the Austin Summer (i.e., make it to the bar on Saturday nights after a long run)

By Mandy Deen

For those of you that know me, you know I regularly like to go on about things I don’t actually know anything about, but I also employ a quite condescending manner that ensures others don’t ask follow up questions that expose the shallowness or flat-out-wrongness of my assertions. (Grad School 101)

Please stand by:

Summer is here! You might not have noticed because of all the rain that has been happening!( But trust me, as an experienced weather-obsessive: ( I have conducted several episodic tests, and concluded that between the humidity and the warmth, it is in fact SUMMER-LIKE OUTSIDE.


#SweatAngel #AustinThing #BodsbyDodds

This prompts me to relate several common-sense things you have all probably heard through the years of running in Texas:

#1 You should probably carry a handheld waterbottle on your runs. All the cool kids do it………

^^you see what I did there? I’ll pause for everyone’s appreciation.


Unapproved product placement: A sampling of all the lovely hydration options at Rogue Running (Love ya, girl!)

No seriously, even carrying one of the small handheld water bottles on a 7 mile run at 4PM in August (lol, what?) a few years ago wasn’t enough. I stopped to do a few hill drills at the end of my run (what a good little runclub member I am!!!), but I had to pack it in and go home early when my gums started sticking to my cheek. Let this be a lesson to you, when your gums and cheek start sticking together, YOU ARE PRETTY OUT OF WATER. To this end, one el coach-o nemesis Jeff created his very own #SCIENCE sweat-spreadsheet. A sweat-sheet if you like (Sweat Rate Calculator)

Here you can in put various variables from the temperature and length of run to your weight and it will calculate your very own SWEAT RATE. Which you can then update all your on-line dating profiles with. (be up front!)

But basically unless you’re Roger Federer, just be ok with getting one of the bigger handhelds. Ive never been in the middle of a triple-degree run and been frustrated by having too much water available for drinking.

#2 Know your dehydrations signs. When I first joined Rogue I was quite intimidated by all the SRS RNNRS and in addition to knowing nothing about how to properly hydrate (something that might still be true in practice, sadly) I was also afraid to either admit to feeling off my game, or to cut anything short (this is no longer true, sadly. (Sorry coach Amy!)). This led to some terrible terrible terrible runtimes, and I remember the feeling during a longrun of discomfort in my chest that I have since labeled my “you are totally out of water, girl!” signal. Running is weird and incorporates so many different factors, but if you are able to single out your signals, you’ll know when you’re being a total idiot and you’re close to the red line. Try to conduct these tests when you’re surrounded by people who will notice if you fall over. <– Pro Tip.

#3 Drink more than just water. TURNS OUT that when you sweat you lose more than just water and salt. The Google tells me this is one of the reasons sweat stings your eyeballs but tears don’t. (I think. I’m pretty sure. I mean it would make sense, wouldn’t it!?? Perhaps #SCIENCE-el-Jefe would care to weigh in here…..?) [Jeff’s Reply: “Weakness stings eyeballs”. Good Reply.). So the good news is you can’t ONLY drink water! But the bad news is that you can’t replace it with Whiskey. You should either eat a lot of those fruits and vegetables with the Potassium and Magnesium and Calcium and such, OR you can cheat by using Nuun or Skratch or some other electrolyte drink before/during/after really sweaty runs. Also jellybeans at waterstops on longruns. those are probably electrolyte-ish. I mean why else would I feel compelled to eat 20 of them in one stop? It’s probably #SCIENCE.


Skratch. LPT: Does not mix well with whiskey but it is good the morning after consuming copious volumes of whiskey.

#4 Constantly hydrate. As Mr. Jeff also once said: “you don’t have to replace 100% of the water you lost, you have to replace 150% of the water you lost.” So essentially it’s not enough to run 18 miles on a Saturday, go bike another 25, drink what you would normally drink after a 10 miler, take a nap and go to the bar.

Of course I don’t have direct knowledge of this event, but #SCIENCE tells me it did NOT end well, and I barely missed a visit to (be sure to bookmark this for later).

If you happen to have a pretty high sweat rate (in many cultures this is considered as a indicator of a long and happy life), you are just going to have to commit to both a lengthy re-hydration period after a hard OR long workout in the heat OR humidity, AND constantly hydrating throughout your day. Pretend you live in a Gatorade commercial.

…..I hear that’s what some people do.

10347632_727937613950013_411822252089035013_nMandy Deen is a writer, reader, blogger and runner. She likes to spend her Tuesday and Thursday afternoons running with Team Rogue PM. If you want to see more of Mandy’s work, we suggestthis, this and DEFINITELY this.  And if you don’t think thats funny then move back to LA.  XOXO


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