A Native’s Defense of the Dallas Marathon

By: Robyn Rogers

I am proud.  I am Dallas.
I wear mascara and jewelry to run my marathons.
I am proud.  I am Dallas.
And my Daddy helped me write my paper.

robyn and dad 2

My dad and me

I realize that there’s been a recent name change to “Metro PCS Dallas Marathon”, but to us natives, Dallas’s premiere race will always be the “White Rock Marathon”.  Born and raised in the heart of Dallas just minutes from White Rock Lake, my first memories of the Dallas Marathon are from the early 1990’s, watching my Dad run it.

Since the race is always in the first part of December, my family had a tradition:  as soon as my dad got home from the marathon, my parents, my brother and I would all go out and buy a Christmas tree. (You didn’t use your ARMS running a marathon, did you?

And why SIT after 26.2 when we could be making the house merry and bright??)
And for most of my childhood, that was it. I played soccer and ran some short distance track events back then, but I was just never interested in running long distances. I was fully content with my spectator/decorator role! I really didn’t even know anyone that ran for fun, except my dad.

Then, I married a marathoner. Suddenly I was completely surrounded by distance runners. In the spirit of family togetherness, I increased my mileage and got some half marathons under my belt. Even then, it wasn’t until 2012 that I committed to Dallas as my first marathon.

It was muggy and warm and humid the whole way. There were first-marathon jitters, an upset tummy, and a lot of walking. It’s hard knowing your Dad finished an hour and a half ago when you’re still drinking lukewarm Dixie-cup water on the curb of Swiss Avenue. Still, with friends and family on my hometown course, I managed to finish!
Getting that first marathon behind me was big – and I signed up for the 2013 race the day registration opened.

And then Ice-Apocalypse-2013 happened. Marathon cancelled.  At the hour I was supposed to be doing a little shake-out run, my mom was helping my 3-year-old slide down the icy hill at mile 18 in a turkey roasting pan. Cue minor detour to Houston.

I returned to Dallas in 2014 with much more confidence and better results. Still muggy, but no major issues! The Dallas Marathon is on my list for 2015 once again.
With its awesome downtown “Big D” starting line (complete with a huge video board countdown to race time), helicopters overhead for live TV coverage, and cheering crowds to get the blood pumping, the Dallas Marathon has all the excitement, atmosphere and weekend activities of a big city “destination” marathon.

Also, the course is beautiful. With a downtown start and finish, it goes through the Deep Ellum and Greenville areas and then winds through the pretty and historic neighborhoods of Highland Park and Lakewood. There’s lots of front yard watching parties and stages with bands.

Robyn Rogers Running - dallas 14

Running Dallas 2014!

I have heard folks describe the course as “hilly”, but since I’ve trained in Austin with Rogue for 10 years, I feel as if I have a few things to teach my Dallas friends when it comes to “hills”.

Of course, the big draw for me is that this is all in my hometown and only a 3-hour drive from Austin! I’m lucky that my mom can zip my kids around the neighborhood to watch me run at different points.  My brother walks a block or two to cheer and take photos and mile 6.  I smile when I pass the lakeside parks where I take my kids to play. At mile 12, I tip my hat to the building where my Momo’s real estate office used to be. Mile 16 passes right by my college housemate’s residence, where her 3 boys sit in lawn chairs with super-soakers.

The Dallas course is comforting to me – and I like that I’m done with the big work before Christmas.  You know, so I can go get my Christmas tree and be merry and bright. (But now I give myself a day or two to recover.)

robyn and james

James and I with our tree

Ready to tack the Dallas Marathon? Join us to train for this amazing Texas race or any other December races. Texas Marathon and Half Marathon training begins on Tuesday, July 14th, 2015. You can check out all the details for the marathon training program here or the half marathon training program here.


robyn at finish2Robyn Rogers runs and coaches out of our Cedar Park store, where she is well known for being the nicest person on staff and for bringing some serious pain to our training members at Core and FIT to Run. Prior to Rogue, Robyn was a high school teacher/coach and a group exercise instructor. She and husband James (himself an original Team Rogue CP member) have two kids that they are teaching to be die-hard Aggies like themselves.


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