Shoe Review (and an Ode’ to Nike): Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32

By Adam Waldum

Rogue Family,

I write to you today because I am worried about you. Worried that you might be scared to try something. I am deeply concerned you are missing out on much better running. But sit down and listen here because I am about to dish out some knowledge for your running brains.

Throughout my 4 years at Rogue, I have tried hundreds of shoes, felt all of the new technology, and heard multiple sales pitches from companies in the industry. I always joke that this is the only job I’ve ever had, and I’ve been running since I was 7. There are a lot of miles on these legs and knowledge in this brain, so hear me out!

A lot of times I’ll have a customer come in the store and pose the question, “So what shoe do you run in?” or “What brand of shoes do you think is best?” Now as a person who is trying to help you and always act in your best interest, I do my best to hold back my bias on this question. What’s right or best for me might not be best for you. But if I gave my honest answer every time, it would be simple: Nike.

The original running brand.

I know that Nike doesn’t always have the best reputation. A lot of people have an image of Nike as “the man”, cheap, poorly built, style-obsessed, money-obsessed, evil, or against their religion. For such people, we will take a bit of a history lesson.

Nike: A Brief History

The enormous sporting goods company we call Nike, (and if you say “Nike” like “bike”, get outta here!) was first introduced to the world in the 60’s under the name Blue Ribbon Sports. After initial success selling a Japanese running shoe called the Tiger (still with us in the form of a little company called ASICS), a team fronted by co-founders Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman (world famous coach of the world’s most famous runner, Steve Prefontaine), created the Nike name and “Swoosh” logo in 1971. Since then, Nike has been on a non-stop ride to the top, and the Swoosh is easily the most recognized logo in athletic wear.


Photo courtesy of

A marketing powerhouse. Futuristic ideal and design. A passion for helping the everyday athlete have access to the same gear the best athletes in the world have. (Nike is by far the biggest sponsor of professional runners in the US.) And yet there is still this notion that Nike doesn’t make quality running shoes. Good grief!

Long before Air Jordans were a thing, they started this monstrosity of a company by EXCLUSIVELY carrying running shoes.

“But the Nikes I had fell apart and hurt my foot like really badly!”

Fair argument…maybe. Tell me the model and how much you paid for those bad boys, and we might find that you bought those bottom-of-the-ladder “fitness” shoes off a rack at a big box store. Sure, they might say “running” on the box, but are they a part of the top-tier running line that Nike carries? Nope.

Nike shoes are available nearly everywhere, and there are a lot of crap shoes with a “swoosh” slapped on the side. I’m not arguing for those. I’m talking about those brand new, fresh off the block, cover your eyes because they’re badder than bad, Nike running shoes.

I have run in Nike shoes for the majority of my running “career” but it wasn’t until recently that I really committed to going all in with the brand. Working at Rogue gives me the ability to try many shoes and get an inside look at many brands. Now as I progress and really see myself running faster, I always look for the most competitive shoe. And hands down, any pair of Nike shoes that I have run in have been more durable and always on top of the latest and greatest technology.

Okay Adam get to the point.

Alright alright alright.

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32

Everybody on the Rogue Running staff knows how much I love Nike, and specifically our primary Nike offering, the Pegasus. First released in 1983, this rock star has been around an unprecedented 32 years! Throughout that time, the “Peg’s” combination of cushion, durability, responsiveness, and value have made it a top seller. With the release of version 32 on June 1st, I see the Peg continuing to dominate in Nike’s original market: run specialty.


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 in all of their glory. Look at that sexy upper.


The Pegasus 32 keeps the springiness and lighter weight of the 31, but brings in a newly designed upper that features Nike’s righteous mesh wrapped with the always sexy Flywire…oh yeah. With a 10mm drop, the Peg won’t please those peeps that crave a barefoot run, but hot damn this midsole is responsive. It gives you enough cushion for your longest runs and some spring for those faster days. You can kiss those clunky-looking trainers goodbye because the Peg is a very cushioned shoe with that sleek look of a lightweight trainer. Oh and did I mention the durability?? The rubber on this thing is outstanding. I’m not sure why the other companies in the running industry give us shoes with rubber that crumbles on the roads, but the Pegasus is always on point with the “waffle” outsole.

Look for the 32nd generation of this shoe to dominate the roads with this great update that will surely feature a rainbow of color options. I’m more than excited to try out this piece of art, and I invite you to come in the store to try a pair on. Trust me, give them a shot and you will want to come over to “The Darkside”, or as I prefer, “Team Swoosh”. See you soon, Rogue family!

Adam out.

10256887_233174246874543_7249739925526575397_nAdam Waldum is a student, lifelong runner, and a member of the Rogue Cedar Park retail team since the store opened in 2011. He primarily focuses on distances from 1500 meters to 10K, but he tried his hand at the long stuff this year and ended up 5th overall at the Austin Marathon (wearing Nike, of course). He’s a major sports fan with California roots (Dodgers, 49ers, Lakers), and his life goals are to travel and end up in your GQ magazine. When he’s not at work or school, you can find him pounding the trails at Brushy Creek. ALWAYS CHASING THE ZEN.


2 thoughts on “Shoe Review (and an Ode’ to Nike): Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32

  1. Love it! Glad to see you writing. I remember those “Peg” challenge days and enjoyed using this shoe for the beefier mileage. Definitely makes the recovery easier, especially on an old set of bones :). Can’t wait to read the next review!

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