Riff Raff in Portland

by Phil “Panther” Carmical, coach of Rogue Riff Raff

–Sparkles (Emily McCoy) ran a blistering 3:04 marathon to capture 8th overall woman and PR by 9 minutes! In a big marathon like Portland, this is not an easy feat. She is a huge talent, with a natural ability and a very bright future in the world of running! I am very proud of her and her accomplishment, and I’m very happy that she’s found a home with us in Riff Raff.

–But let’s not forget “Mr. Sparkles,” (Justin McCoy), who ran a 3:45 in his first ever marathon. Justin followed his training plan to a T, and it was a pleasure to watch him transform this past season from someone who runs occasionally into a true marathoner who has a very bright future as a runner. It’s very satisfying as a coach to watch someone follow your training and accomplish great things like that. 

–Peaches (Stephanie Thompson) had everything going against her. She has been sick for a couple of months, now, from gastroenteritis to other ailments, and she missed a huge chunk of her training. We talked just weeks before the race about how she needed to change her expectations for this race, but I have to say that I am more impressed with her than ever before. There’s one thing you can’t count her out on, and that’s HEART. She has tons and tons of heart, and that’s something you can’t measure with a clock. Peaches has many PRs in her future, and I’m proud that she gutted it out today and ran the full marathon, even though she wasn’t anywhere near being fully prepared. She will be for the next one.

–I think it’s safe to say that Cakes (Lee Christy) it into our little run group from day one. I knew that she was one of us, and I am very proud of her performance in her very first marathon. I hope that there are many more, as a Riff Raffer, and I think that Cakes has a wonderful future. I’m really happy that she has joined our little band, and Tuesdays are always better when she’s there.  Like Justin, Cakes followed my plan to a T, and she is now a marathoner!

–Clairsonic (Sean Anderson) ran the half, and, although he didn’t do as well as he had hoped, he said that this experience made him want to re-commit himself to running harder and train for a 4-hour marathon. He will run a 4-hour marathon, sooner rather than later. 

–Finally, (Suellen Adams) ran the half with Glenda Adams as well and I have to say that we all still think of you two as Riff Raff. Thanks for representing with us!  Riff Raff for life!

Finally, thanks to everyone else who supported the runners and sent me texts and reports throughout the trip. I wish I had been there with you all, and it looked like you had a great time. Often, we forget how difficult it is to travel across the country to support friends in a race when we’re not racing ourselves. It’s a selfless, wonderful act, and it’s what we’re all about here in Riff Raff.  Congratulations, everyone!


One thought on “Riff Raff in Portland

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