Featured Rogue: Timeca Davis

Tim joined Rogue in 2013 to train for her 1st half marathon at SeaWheeze in 2013. She moved over to The Morning Show in 2014 and ran her 1st marathon in Dallas in a time of 4:37 on a warm day. Fast forward 2 years and a month to Houston this January, she ran 3:39 to earn her Boston Qualifier and clock a 9 minute PR in a time that was nearly a full hour faster than her first marathon. And, she did it in some of the worse marathon conditions possible. Consistency. Execution. Courage. Guts. Determination toward a goal. Teamwork. Her result has all of those elements and is a perfect picture of what Rogue represents. That’s how we do it, and if you follow that formula, then the sky is the limit. This is Tim’s story:

When and why did you start running?tim-1
I never found a contact sport that I enjoyed growing up. I knew some exercise should be incorporated into my weekly routine so I decided to try running and liked it from day one. I began running in high school to help with the stress and to get outdoors.

Describe your first race experience.
My first race experience was fantastic! It was the Chuys Hot to Trot 5K. A friend of mine convinced me to run it with her. I couldn’t have asked for better first race experience. I remember feeling sad that the race was over because I felt like my run was just getting started. Distance running became my favorite.

What has been your biggest running-related challenge?
My biggest challenge is continuing to push myself in my mental and physical fitness. I constantly struggle with not being satisfied with just going through motions and am fearful of change or being pushed out of my comfort zone as a result of it.

What has been your biggest running achievement or defining moment?
The defining moment that changed me as runner was training for the Chicago Marathon in 2015. In the past, I wasn’t consistent with showing up to workouts, sticking to a schedule, or following a race plan. My goal was to do all of those things with a plan to race an under 4 hour marathon. I achieved it with a 40 min PR. From then on, I became a believer that putting in the time and work is the key to achieving anything you want.

What’s next?
I need to conquer my fear of running half marathons. I’ve completed several without a single one being a positive experience. I’m determined to change that. From there, running a marathon with the goal of under 3 hours and 30 mins.





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