Training tips from trail coach Brandon Ostrander

Brandon leads our trail running groups throughout the year, coaching both complete newbies and those with big miles on their legs. He’s been running for 18 years and has found his happy place out on the trail – he suggests that runners leave their tech, splits, PRs and  ego in the parking lot. Here are four more of his top traning tips:
1) Decipher your pain.
Is it soreness or injury? Soreness will subside, but an injury will eventually alter your form if hasn’t already. To avoid further stress and imbalance to your body, pay attention to how pain is affecting your form.
2) Discover other forms of exercise.
Weight-lifting, biking, swimming or <gasp> walking are a few suggestions that will not only compliment your running but also give you options when you just can’t run.
3) Develop your own clean diet.
Because you have a unique chemistry, I’d stray away from a fad diet. I would take note that their foundations are based upon whole foods and eliminating highly processed ones. Develop this by taking note of what makes you feel great before, after and in between your workouts.
4) Try Meditation
Even it’s just a few bouts a week. Watch it transform your running, your relationships, your perspective, etc. This and your personalized diet will make you a better human being.

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