Featured Rogue: Meagan Lawlis

I have been coaching Meagan for the last 10 months and am blown away by her tenacity and talent. When she came back from a devastating Boston Marathon last year she wanted and needed a break. I kept hounding her to sign up for Boston again for redemption but she resisted. Have you ever had the worse race of your life, only to sign up to do it again? I am sure you have but taking the plunge is not an easy feat.  Eventually, she did.

Physically and mentally she wasn’t ready to train again. Each run she struggled and ran slower than she had in years.  I watched her go through this for months as self doubt started to sink in. She went through tests with her doctor to check for everything under the sun. What was wrong? Why couldn’t she run like she used to? We tried adjusting her goals, tried not wearing a watch, and tried different workouts. Slowly, her persistence paid off and she once again started having good runs and workouts. She stayed the course, all while balancing work, family, and her passion for weight lifting. And now, she’s ready for redemption!

When and why did you start running? I started running 6 years to lose weight. I had to do the whole walk/run combo on the treadmill at first, but got to where I could run 2-3 continuous miles and started running outdoors. I had never run a 5k, 10k, or half when I signed up for my first full marathon…perhaps not the smartest decision, but I’ve been hooked on distance running every since.meagan 3

Describe your first race experience. My first race was the Frankenthon Monster Marathon. I trained for it on my own and didn’t  know what I was doing. The course was 3 loops and I smacked the wall pretty hard on the 3rd loop. Thankfully my best friend jumped in and ran some legs of it with me, and pulled me through the final 3 miles. 4 hours and 18 minutes later…I was exhausted, but I felt the greatest sense of accomplishment too and knew I’d race another one.

meagan 1What has been your biggest running-related challenge? This past year of training has been my biggest struggle. I had a tough race in Boston last year. I fell into a slump for a while after and really struggled both physically and mentally to get my body to respond and do what I know it’s capable of doing. It took a lot patience and consistency to get back to where I am now. But I know I wouldn’t be Boston bound again without the constant support of my Team Rogue Cedar Park teammates and coach. They kept believing in me and encouraging me, even when I felt defeated.

What has been your biggest running achievement, or defining moment? I’d have to say earning my first BQ at the Chicago Marathon.  Everything came together perfectly that day and I had an amazing race and I had my fan base there with me. So many of us spend so much time literally chasing down that BQ. When the dream finally becomes a reality, it’s a pretty sweet feeling.meagan 2

What’s next? Hard to say right now. At the moment, I am solely focused on Boston and don’t have another race on the horizon. But long term, I think I would ultimately like to knock out all the majors. I have 2 of the 6, so it’s a start.

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