Training tips from coach Tori Howard

Tori has been running since she was a kid and has twelve marathons under her belt – you can bet that she’s got more than a few great pieces of advice! She regularly imparts her wisdom to the half and full marathoners that she coaches in Cedar Park, and has shared her top four tips here for everyone:
Enjoy the journey. Having goals is important and goals serve as solid reminders of why we work so hard but what about having fun?   Take time to make new friends, run in new places, smile and laugh a lot.  Life is a grand adventure.  Go Run It!
Be a hill seeker.  Some runners try to avoid hill work but you might be surprised by how badass you feel after a hilly run.   Hills are opportunities to prove to yourself that you’re stronger than you ever imagined.  Life Happens On The Hills!
Believe in yourself.  Your coach believes in you but that won’t make a difference if you don’t believe in yourself.  Once in a while blow your own damn mind.  We are what we believe!
Make running a priority.  No one is too busy to run, it’s just a matter of priorities.  Make a list of things to do and put running at the top of that list.  Replace excuses with effort and determination.  Love yourself!


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