Training tips from coach Marilyn Faulkner

Some people just embody positivity, and Marilyn is one of those people. She has been running for 13  years and coaching for six, passing along insight, support and serious motivation to all who have run in her groups. You can find her coaching our Austin Half Marathon and Austin Marathon programs, and you can find her top four training tips right here:
1.  I can do anything for two miles.  Killer time trial?  Yep.  Ladera Norte & the lead up?  You bet.  Long run with a tough close?  Done.  Last two miles of the marathon?  Kill it.  Once you’ve proven it to yourself once, you’ll know that you CAN do anything for two miles.  Believe it!
2.  Positive Progress – Always keep positive progress, both in mind and in body.  Keep moving forward no matter what.  Never backwards, never negative.  Doing this will always keep you moving towards your physical goal in a positive light.
3.  Meet the Pain – Oh, hiiiii Pain.  Nice to meet you.  Or see you again.  You always show up at some point, don’t you?  Although you make my legs want to fall off, make my mind almost turn against me, put hot fire pokers in my hips, and make me think I’m going to keel over, I know I won’t, because I’ve met you before.  And I’ve beaten you.  And I will beat you again.
4.  Run like an antelope out of control – Be wild.  Be a wild animal!  Be free.  Let go.  Surrender to the Schedule, Surrender to the Moment, Surrender to the Flow.

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