Training tips from coach Amy Baker

Amy has been running 18 years and considers it an essential part of what makes her Amy. She has some fast PRs and lots of philosophical, been-there-done-that advice for other runners, which she gets to share through her role coaching half marathoners and marathoners in the Killer B’s alongside head coach Brent Stein. Luckily, she shared her top four tips here as well; check it out!

  1.  The struggle to achieve is what makes the achievement worthwhile. We measure my success by the sacrifices and struggles that we overcome. No one truly gets satisfaction out of accomplishing something easy for them, even if it may seem impressive to those on the outside. Remember this when you struggle and you won’t look on hurtles with distain, but instead, see them as exactly what makes the success you find meaningful.

    2. The numbers are not important, it is the effect on YOU that is important. I got this idea from Lydiard’s chapter on Physiology of Exercise. Really the number of reps, the paces, and the distances is NOT what makes you fitter. Putting the right amount of stress on your system so your body can make adaptations is what makes you fitter. A successful workout is not completing the number/pace/distance, but rather getting what you need out of it.

    3. Run your own workout, not your teammates’. Everyone is going through their own struggles; the most you can do as a teammate is be kind, patient, and understanding. Don’t be their coach – let them go, sometimes people need to make mistakes for themselves. Lead by example and let the long term results speak for themselves. A positive environment is an essential key to success. Energy is contagious, so contribute to it, don’t take it away.

    4. Choose Today. Remember this every day, but especially on race day. You chose this specific race for a reason. The sacrifices and struggles were to make TODAY possible, so really go for it. You get one shot to be your best, don’t let the opportunity pass. This will forever be one of my mantras. It reminds me that I am here because I want to be here, because I made a choice. I am forever grateful for the opportunity that today presents.

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