Featured Rogue for August: Courtney Whited


Courtney Whited is a member of the Tribe coached by Tori Howard at our Cedar Park location. Courtney is our featured Rogue for August because she inspires her teammates each week as she continues her training while battling stage II breast cancer. She shows up every Wednesday with a huge smile on her face, encourages her teammates, and we have never heard a negative comment come out of her mouth. She emulates positivity for not only us at Rogue but more importantly to her two beautiful daughters.
dallas half marathon
When and why did you start running? 
My interest for running first came about during my Air Force Basic Training in 2005. Only I did not discover my love for running until my very first 25K trail race at Bandera in January 2014. Prior to that race I had no formal training and clearly did not know what I had gotten myself into……. I thought to myself am I crazy? Why yes, yes I was!
trail running
Describe your first race experience. 
Weather conditions were less than stellar. I was cold, tired, moody and ready to give up. Like many runners, the experience of trial and error, sweat and tears (literally) to push through the rain, sleet and tough terrain of Bandera somehow allowed me to be consumed by a desire to be completely raw- in the moment. Feeling every breath with every stride knowing I will finish this race. As I did!
What has been your biggest running-related challenge? 
I was diagnosed with Stage II breast Cancer this past April and I currently undergoing treatments.  I’m no longer making my destination as my primary focus but enjoying my journey and that includes running, well walking for now. I’m engaged in the biggest marathon of my life- unprepared, unscripted and can’t wait to see the results and get back to training with my fellow Rogues who continue to inspire me with their growth and spirit. cutest picture
What has been your biggest running achievement, or defining moment? 
The word Achievement for me is not a one -sided single event but rather a personal choice of consistency in all my running endeavors both in training and at my races. I try not to get bogged down by the chip timer, staying focused on my goal.  At the start line I choose to be consistent in my love for running. I embrace the suck and run like hell with a joy like no other- being grateful for what my body can do right here right now….. “Achievement hello my name is Courtney and I just owned your ass.”
What’s next? 
I am often asked what I will “do” when I return to running and the answer is very clear, – I don’t truly know. I have a Runners To Do list per se and I can completely see myself taking on Bandera again as a return race or a Rogue Expedition run somewhere like Greece!!!! How wonderful would that be!
However at the end of the day
We are Strong,
We are Runners,
We are Rogue………



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