Spring Featured Rogue: Amanda Rycraft

Amanda Rycraft who trains with Steve Sisson’s Team Rogue is our featured Rogue this Spring. She shares with us her training routine and experience gearing up for and racing the 122nd Boston Marathon.

I began my dedicated training for this year’s Boston Marathon back in January. Even though it was my second time going to Boston I wanted to take a no stone unturned approach to my training efforts this time around.

Training with Team Rogue with Steve’s direction has been tough, challenging, inspiring, eye-opening, fricking exhausting and amazing all at the same time!

On the running side we mixed up a lot of different workouts, the most impactful of which were the Canova K’s (where we did different variations of sprints around a 1k loop) and then the 24 and the 30 miler runs with no nutrition. All three of those workouts helped me push my running to another level and gave me more confidence in my capabilities. Knowing you can run 30 miles with no nutrition really does make running a marathon with a few GUs much less daunting!

Amanda 6 The volume of running we did in the 16 week period up to the Boston Marathon also had a big impact on my strength as a runner. Running an average of 70 miles a week would never have been possible without the support of my friends at Team Rogue. Regular meetups at 4.30 AM with no option to hit the snooze button would have never happened if I tried to do it on my own!

The Boston Marathon itself was a real shock to my system due to the terrible weather. My training prepared me enough so I was able to finish and get another BQ while at Boston but it slowed me Amanda 2down meaning I didn’t hit my goal of a sub-3:10. I also managed, despite hand warmers, to get Hypothermia towards the end of the race and ended up in the Emergency tent after the finish line. Looking at the statistics from the race though I was one of 2,500 runners who received onsite medical assistance with 40% of those people being treated for hypothermia. At last year’s Boston Marathon it was 80 degrees, go figure!

Despite the need for medical treatment I got back to my Airbnb, rested for a bit then jumped in an Uber to go to the Black Rose to celebrate with Team Rogue in style! Special thanks to Rebecca Jones ,my guardian angel, for bringing me warm clothes and checking on me after the race. Everyone had their own challenges this year at Boston but it is as a community and family of runners that we come together to reflect and support each other to reach our personal goals.

Like many runners I thought “never again” after running at Boston this year….until 24 hours after the race when I was already dreaming of the next challenge and asking everyone around me “Are you going to CIM again this year?! Awesome, me too”

Next up – Amanda will be heading to California to race Mountains to Beach on Sunday, May 27th! Go get that PR!!!

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